Time for some decisions, AKA, HELP!

Discussion in 'Studio Equipment and Lighting' started by ShaunK, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. Ok, my brother and I have been looking into getting a lighting set-up... he wants it for studio work, mostly commercial and not portrait, and I want it for portrait and on-location work... so! I have decided, I think :smile:, on two stands with umbrellas, each with an SB-600 or SB-28, or SB-800, we have all three. Also a reflector and wireless control, preferably RF. So, what do you recommend for this equipment? Budget is about $500 between the 2 of us (it maybe could get stretched, but not much!)... please recommend stands, umbrellas, flash holders, and if need be, reflectors (I'm thinking white).Oh, and we need to reserve about $150 for another flash so we can have a total of 4 between the two of us.
  2. Hmmm, no one willing to help me out here? :rolleyes: :smile: Maybe I can break it down into parts. Lets start with the umbrellas. 1. What size is good for everything from head shots to full-body? If not one, then what combination of sizes (i want only 2 total). 2. Is the white with the removable black a good compromise if I also want to use them for occasional makeshift softboxes? I guess by that I mean shoot through, not into. :smile: 3. What brand do you recommend? Thanks!
  3. there is a complete set-up for flash units that give you 2 stands, 2 umbrellas, and 2 flash holders for $99 at B&H that about a dozen guys here have bought, all good reports...
  4. Gr8Tr1x

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    Thats what I have and they work great. I am actually lookign for a third SB600 to use as a hairlight, but my setup with the sb800 as commander and two sb600's has been doing rather well (at least for my limited skills).
  5. Tom Voegeli

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    I would get matching umbrellas. Mixing a white one with a silver one, or a shoot through with a bouncer is asking for color balance hell, and a difficult time making even lighting.
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