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Time with Swainey (3 photos)

Discussion in 'Birds' started by cajun angel, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. Well, I headed out this evening in hopes of getting some time in with Swainey. He didn't disappoint me. It's weird, I am getting more and more facinated with this hawk! He's so beautiful to watch, and yeppers, he watches me "like a hawk!" I even managed a couple flight photos but man, I need practice! So, here's my favs of the day. Swainey.........

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  2. Great shots Dianne

    Nice to see, Wild and Free

    You will have a series before your through
  3. Thanks Gary! It IS nice to see birds like this wild and free. It breaks my heart to think someday his territory may be bulldozed for who knows what. I hope to get as many photos as I can before that happens! I may even try to find a way to alert one of the local magazines or newspapers - just dunno if my photos are "good enough" for them.
  4. Swainey is gorgeous! Wonder if it's a he or a she? :smile:

    I think I'd crop out or clone out those out-of-focus branches, if you can....they're a bit distracting.

    It is really sad to think that where Swainey now likes to hang out may be taken away and bulldozed for yet more useless office buildings or apartments or condos or whatever..... Sheesh!
  5. Thanks Connie! I"m thinking about trying to bring this bird and his/her perch to attention but don't know who to. I know one of our local TV stations has a reporter that does reports on "what's bugging you?" but don't know if this would fall in that category. I'll work on cloning out some of the OOF stuff but I know even that is going to take a ton of practice. I'm thankful that today was as beautiful as it was! It was fun watching that big beauty soar above and over me.
  6. Is this a little bit better?

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  7. Yep, you're getting there! I'd also crop now, too, to eliminate so much of the sky....
  8. Am I there yet? LOL

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  9. :smile:

    Yep, you want the focus to be on the primary subject -- the bird -- and not on a bunch of distractions such as branches (in or out of focus) and/or sky.... Unfortunately that is sometimes hard to accomplish since birds aren't going to cooperate and pose for us just the way we want them! LOL! They have this annoying habit of getting in the midst of branches and twigs and leaves....
  10. Thanks for all your help Connie! I'm lovin this!:rolleyes: :biggrin:
  11. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    With images like this, I can see that it won't be long before you are trading up from the 300mm to a 500mm. Very nice shooting Dianne.
  12. Thanks Frank! Swainey kept landing on branches further and further away from me. I didn't want to get too close, so I would just move mere inches to try avoiding some of the leaves and such. IT WASN"T EASY!! Every time he took flight, there'd be a bird harassing him. I got pics of that but they're not very good. Me with a 500mm? Dunno if I can afford that! I"m making do with what I have for now. And it's fun! One thing for sure, that's one beautiful bird!
  13. mxmark


    Jul 9, 2006
    DFW area, TX
    Nice shots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Very very nice shots, Dianne. Really glad to see you having so much fun with the birdies.
  15. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    VEry nice
    A few of your best

    Watch the sharpening though. I see the white halo. Back the sharp down a bit:>)))
  16. Thanks, dear! I had a good time watching him watch me! That's one beautiful birdie!

    Thanks Phil! I"m totally fascinated with this hawk! I just love watching him soar and he comes right over me!

    Thanks Gale! I was worried about the wind and really, I didn't sharpen but a bit. Next time, I'll leave that part alone! I think this hawk is about the prettiest I've seen!
  17. Dianne lets back up here for a bit. Stop worying about the OOF branches as this shows a wild life photo and try and get a location of where the sign is and if you have a GPS or a friend with a GPS try and get an exact location of where you are seeing this raptor all the time. Good chance it is a nesting area and if so there are Federal laws protecting nesting raptors. Look up and send one of these roosting photos to the Texas Dept. of Fish and Wildlife with all the info on the location and also a photo of the sign and any info as to owns it. If you don't have a GPS try useing mapquest for a general area or the building Inspectors & assesors office as this should be info open to the general public. By all means send your story to as many newspapers that are in the area and include your story. I bet the only people you get PO are the ones that have the sign up. Remember I said that the map shows the main breeding ground is in west Texas so you could be close to it, I don't know where you are and that is where the Fish and Wildlife come in.
    Hey what have you got to loose and surely a lot to gain just by making people aware of a situtation. Some will back you and some will call you a nut , don't matter, just get the info out to other people.
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