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Tip for posting from Pbase

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mike mac, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. I had responded to Jim F on one of his posts where pbase was compressing his image and causing artifacts, thought Iwould share how I post pictures from pbase to eliminate the compression, sure hope Jim doesn't mind using his image as an example
    Here is the tip from jims post
    I have found if you bring up your image in pbase and then click on large and then click on original so that the word original is in the URL you are pasting into your message at the Nikon Cafe pbase will not apply some compression. If you jsut use the url that is int he address bar when you first click on your image pbase will compress Below is two shots the first is your original post and the 2nd is with the word original in the URL that I posted. Hope Jim doesnt mind.
    this image URL is
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    This image URL is after clicking on orginal, if orginal is grayed out click on large and then back on orginal so the URL looks like this


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  2. This is a test of your technnique
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  3. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005

    Sounds pretty much like smugmug. The only issue that I see with Jim's or Rich's posted images are that they exceed the Cafe max of 960 pixels wide, so they are getting compressed here.

    You may recall that we started out with unlimited size posts, then went to 600 max width, then to 800, and finally to 960. Any wider than that and it will be compressed.

    As a result, I try to make my originals less than 960, then there is no further compression applied, as long as I pick the original shot from smugmug. (Note that getting the smugmug original is a little different than with pbase. If you need to know how, let me know and I'll update this post.)

  4. Frank, Exactly I make my images 800X600 then add a frame so long end comes to 920 that way there is no compression either on the host side or the cafe side and thi sseems to give the most optimum image. Sure woudl liek to see Smugmugs technique, woudl be nice to be able to port all images from pbase to smugmug sinc eI have hundreds over there.
  5. Oops! Missed that. Thanks 960 it is from now on.

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