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TO ALL D2X USERS.........

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by Keith, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. If you had to do it all over again, would you have spent the money? has the camera worth the $3k US upgrade over the D2h? You see a ton of threads around focusing issues etc.............seriously interested in your thoughts.............

  2. nfoto

    nfoto Guest

    Of course I'd do it again. D2X is miles ahead of the D2H as far as image quality is concerned. Both cameras handle superbly. I have used several (5) D2X bodies during the last 6 months and they all have behaved impeccably.

    My personal opinion is that 99% of the "issues" reportedly taking place with D2X are due to the man behind the camera.
  3. I will not look back and would do it all again in a minute. This is a FABULOUS camera. And most of the issues I thought I had, I was the cause.
    The camera is just that good.
  4. biggstr6


    Apr 26, 2005
    In a minute. Im loving it.

    I have to admit though ,I waited because of all the focusing issues I was hearing about. So Far Im fine with mine.
  5. Larry Gleason

    Larry Gleason

    Jan 26, 2005
    A wonderful beast and no regrets for purchase. Any errors are my own undoing as I adjust to tame the beast.

    I have never considered the D2X to be an "upgrade" to the "H" series. I will go with it being a sucessor to the D1X. Although the H and X have a kinship, they were designed with features to handle different jobs. A necessary tradeoff with the H for speed and the X for resolution. I'm sure that if Nikon could have technically merged speed and resolution, there would have been only one model since the release of the original D1. It is also to say that Nikon did not compromise to the middle of speed and resolution with one model. Hence a choice of two pro models to better serve the different needs. If anything, it is we, the owners, that have overlapped the two. For example, wedding photographers shooting the H and X owners shooting fast action sports.

    Added thought, I will agree that the 2X pulls on the H if that is the intent of the new 2X crop shooting mode. I have not even tried that mode yet.
  6. marc

    marc Guest

    d2x, is a wonderful camera

    i think, that every camera has issues, but part of the d2x focus problem, was user related

    you have too many totally unexperienced, users who bought the camera thinking wow

    12.7 mp, point and shoot, every picture will be incredible, then they find out, it jusy is not that simple.

    the d2x, is a difficult piece of equipement for the casual, unexperienced user

    for the serious amateur and the photographers who use it
    it is wonderful

    i am buying a second body next week
  7. pbenedic


    Mar 9, 2005
    In a minute. I'm a serious amateur, and have gotten countless hours of joy ana lot of priceless photos of my kids with it.
  8. Yes, absolutely D70 -> D2x major upgrade for me. Glad I waited for the D2x.

    This review posted yesterday sums it up pretty well.

  9. William

    William Guest

    I was very fortunate being able to have another person finance my D2X for very easy consultation work, as a radiologist. I feel that I didn't pay for the camera as a result (out of my regular income), which causes me to be biased toward being even more delighted with it.

    When I compare 8x10 prints with those generated from my D2H, I can easily tell which came from which camera. Actually, in a way I appreciate the D2H more now because I like both types of images.

    At larger print sizes, I 'm very impressed with the D2X 's performance.

    However- if not for that fortunate event, I would definitely be shooting with my D2H and D70 and not have bought a D2X.
  10. One word;


    :shock: :shock: :shock:
  11. cwilt


    Apr 24, 2005
    Denver, CO
    It was a big jump for me from the D70 to the D2x and would do it again, without question. The D2x will force you to improve your technique. This is not a camera for the point and shoot crowd.
  12. The D2x is my dream machine. I'm anxiously awaiting my second body. Would I do it again? Yes - only I'd just get two bodies right away.
  13. I have had extremely good results from my D1x for several years. I feel that the results from the D2x are every bit as good with better battery, more resolution, faster motor, bigger buffer, dual personality, better white balance, more weather/dust protection, smoother shutter, better flash capabilities... let's see, what am I forgetting...? Oh yeah, there is that really cool neck strap!!

    I definetly would buy it again and have not regrets.
  14. Well

    this seems UNANIMOUS................

    How well does everyone do with cropping???????????? Does the extra pixels make a difference??
  15. Keith,

    It really has not changed the way I frame a subject. I always
    try to compose in the viewfinder. I just now have the ability to
    down-size the images, as opposed to having to interpolating
    them up to the size I want. But it definitely will give you more
    reach if you just can't get close enough.

  16. I never had the D2H but I can tell you that is is worth the upgrade from the Fuji S2.

    This is my first Nikon and as the saying goes, once you go forward, you never go back.
  17. Too Late Melissa, already took the plunge ;-)
  18. Are you very happy with the plunge?...lol...
  19. Re: Well


    I actually had the opportunity to use the extra pixels last week. I shot a concert and a woman who had a son singing noticed the images on the back of my D2X as I was crimping (Sorry Yves!) so I blew up the group shot to show her son on the entire LCD. She put her hand to her heart and gulped a breath of air with delight. I just sent a cleaned up jpg to his parents. They were so proud of him that night.

    It was available light hand held with a 70-200 fully extended.

    Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)

  20. Hi Rich,

    I love the D2X. I can't imagine using any other camera. Right now I switched lenses for a change and using my 50 f/1.8. I go back and forth with this one and the 17-55, and of course the 70-200VR.

    After almost of 4 mos with it, I have learned a great deal about the menus, color modes etc...now I need to perfect my work.

    So happy summer is here but hate the humidity...yuk!
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