Today's Picks: Bolsa Chica saltwater marsh

Discussion in 'Birds' started by helmet155, Dec 4, 2005.

  1. Went out to Bolsa this morning to do some shooting, wanted BIFs but ended up with mostly static stuff.

    Shot with D70/300f2.8 Sigma and 2x TC

    I also changed up the workflow a little bit, trying Smartsharpen in CS2 instead of the USM in capture...let me know what you think there too, seems I have a tendency in the past to oversharpen...

    Please critique!





  2. Man, these are good. Love each and every one.
  3. lowlight_junkie


    Nov 28, 2005
    They are all great but I especially love the last one!
  4. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    All great images. Beautiful birds.
    Love the last one also. Great composition. They look really great with the natural habitat.

    I prefer Smart sharpen in PS better than NC. NC is quite harsh in the sharpening dept.
    Spot sharpening with the sharpen tool small brush and adjust opacity is often a prefered method I use. Or select an area and use smart sharpen. Skys would not need sharpening and sometimes trees get to over sharp. Sharpen viewing at 100 %.
    These images look good. I see a tad of a halo, but you can get rid of that with a tiny brush and use the blur tool.
  5. The third shot is way over sharpened. I sometimes just sharpen the eye and let the rest go. The last shot is super. I love it.
  6. scutmonkey

    scutmonkey Guest

    nice work captain!

    Very well done chach! Especially the NHIF...I got totally hosed on those. Good session yesterday--we need to do it again soon.
  7. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005

    The first things that I noticed when I saw the first shot was that the sharpening looked much more natural. I like it a lot. The second shot looks just about perfect also. The third and fourth look a little heavy on the sharpening, and the last looks just a little light. Overall I would say that I like your new process. If you are like me though, it will take a session or two to get it completely dialed in once you have made the change from just USM to S/S. BTW, what resize method are you using in PS CS?

    All very good shots BTW. :smile:
  8. Wow, a lot of great responses! Jim and Chaz thanks for the compliments!

    Gale thanks for the tips on the S/S, I need to do some reading up in the Adobe manual or online help on how to use it and what the ratios mean exactly.

    SilverEagle, it was a struggle to judge using S/S on #3 and #4, but in all honesty, #3 as I remember I did very little sharpening as this is an uncropped image - he really was that close to me! I will re-visit the image and review it once again. I definitely need to improve my recognition of an oversharpened image...

    Frank, thanks for commenting, I like the S/S you see there is little consistency with my sharpening and will surely improve on my next batch based on the feedback from the cafe. The resize method I use is the FM SIPro2, set to no sharpening and size to 800-825 pixels wide for landscape and 825 long for portrait...
  9. #3 looks like it was sharpened to me. Do you perhaps have sharpening turned on in camera? You may want to stop down some, particularly on close-ups. This will greatly help with depth of field and therefore sharp subjects.
  10. Hey I thought you said Bolsa was pretty sparse...


    Like all of them ,but the reddish looks a tad bit oversharpened to me...
  11. I do use in cam sharpening so I can 'chimp' a little bit sometimes, I think I figured out how to remove all in cam sharpening in S/S, by using the detail tab and reducing from 25 to 0 on the NEF in ACR then opening in CS2. My in cam setting is +1. Is this correct?

    I agree with stopping down, I have a lot of those but this one in particular caught my eye with the focus plane on his eye withe his beak and neck defocused...maybe this image falls into the dreaded artsy attempt category ;) 

    Here's a remake of the original with less sharpening, sharpen % to 18 on the s/s console:

  12. It seemed pretty dead, for the amount of time I was there there wasn't much going on IMO...not like Sepulveda or SJWS the first few times I was there...

    What do you think of the reddish re-do?
  13. The 'unsharpened' reddish re-do looks better. When you shoot in strong lighting sharpening makes things worse. We probably need to set our cameras on a low contrast setting when we shoot in strong lighting. I have pretty much all my camera settings at nominal middle of the road settings. I need to give more thought to these settings myself.
  14. Very nice, image #2 is my favorite.
  15. Hi Muril...I have been making a lot of changes / improvements in my workflow and set the cam to +1 sharpening and have always reduced it to None in capture, I think the detail set to 0 in ACR is the same result...this is in effect the same as setting sharpening to 0 in cam I believe... I always shoot in NEF now...

    I like your avatar image, very neat and I just checked out your gallery on your website quickly, impressive ;) 
  16. Thanks Gordon :cool: 
  17. Well I am headed up to Sepulveda in about an hour if you are interested?

    Also Can you make a day trip to the Wild Animal park next Saturday?
  18. I will not be able to make it to Sepulveda, I've other responsibilities unfortunately (read: spend time with girlfriend before going on business trip).

    Next weekend for sure let's set something up..

  19. These shots look grand, Bolsa is a fun place. Have they opened the other boardwalks yet, around the back across from the road, or is the only one open still the one at the parking lot?

    If you guys are going to the Wild Animal park, hook up with the photo safari. It is truly an experience, especially if you want pictures of a Rhino's Eye :wink:
  20. Bill, the boardwalks are still closed really, to get around you've got to sneak behind one of the fences (for the best light) or hand around the Nature center or setup along side the road. The 'dam' between two of the major marshes is still a great place and is where I get the majority of my Bolsa images...

    The wild animal park sounds like a lot of fun, I am hoping to go soon and will look into the photo safari, do you have any recommendations on equipment? Tripod/monopod? I am monopodless so I would like to make the best of it when the opportunity arises..

    Thanks for the compliments also, I'm pretty close to switching over 100% to CS2 for post, I just need to learn how to use ACR like I use Capture for adjusting WB, Levels, etc per the Reznick book...
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