Tokina 12-24 f4

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  1. I just pushed the send button to order the Tokina 12-24 f4 lens. From what I have read, people seem to be happy with it. Of course, since i just ordered it the opinions have all probably changed. I would be interested in hearing the pros and cons of this lens. It is ordered from B&H, so I guess it would be easy to return. I am looking forward to your comments. :)
  2. HI EdMac,

    I got mine from B&H as well and I'm happy with it.

  3. Sample

    Thanks for the info. Did you do much post processing on the sample picture? It looks pretty good. I should have mine by Friday. :)
  4. Not much PP.

    Just a slight USM.

    Some of my pics exhibited some CA (not very noticeable unless you view it at 200% or higher) but if you shoot raw, Nikon Capture handles it very well.
  5. CA

    Thanks for your response. IT looks like I should be happy with the lens. It is certainlya lot cheaper than the Nikon. The purle fringing used to be a problem with the old Coolpix cameras, and I usually was able to handle that. Also, I have NC and Photoshop CS2 which both have tools to handle CA. I am looking forward to getting my hands on the 12-24. :)
  6. allen_a_george


    Apr 30, 2005
    Sarhento - weren't you worried that you might receive a defective copy?

    I'd love to have a wide-angle like the 12-24, but there aren't any Tokina dealers in Canada where I can actually try out the lens
  7. The thought crossed my mind, but because I have purchased quite a few gadgets from B&H I felt that I was dealing with a reputable dealer and I could return/exchange it if I received a deffective copy. Everything I purchased from them has been a keeper (guess I am lucky) :lol:

    Also, I have been quite impressed with the quality of Tokina as I previously purchased a used 28-70f/2.8
  8. d70john

    d70john Guest

    allen if you want to try this lens just let me know as i have one to,i think it was popular photography that said this lens is better than the nikon 12-24 plus half the price
  9. d70john

    d70john Guest

    sarhento how does the tokina 28-70 compare to the nikon 28-70, just curious other than being alot cheaper
  10. dbirdsong

    dbirdsong Guest

    I bought mine at a local store back in the spring and never regretted it once.
    Great lens, worth every penny I spent for it.

  11. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the recommendation. I am now sitting here waiting for the brown truck. It always seems to be a long time between order and delivery lol :)
  12. allen_a_george


    Apr 30, 2005
    Thanks John.

    I might take you up on that offer soon!
  13. d70john,

    mind you, when I bought the tokina 28-70 I wasn't expecting much as I already owned the nikkor counterpart. but I was in for a pleasant surprise. I could hardly tell any difference at all. I have not done any scientific comparison, of course (I would not know how to do that). My idea of comparison is basically just taking a picture of the same subject at the same focal length, exposure and lighting condition.

    My subjective view with very limited comparison is that there seems to be a subtle difference in colour in favour of the nikkor, but sharpness is equal with a very very slight Tokina advantage to my eyes.

    When I purchased the Tokina, I did it prepared to discard it if I wasn't happy since I got it from KEH really cheap (roughly 1/5 of nikkor's price!).
    But as I said, I was pleasantly surprised that I also ended up buying a Tokina 12-24 recently.

    A few years ago, I had a bad experience with Sigma and Tamron that I thought I would never buy any 3rd party lens. Needless to say, I broke that resolve :wink:

    I am only a hobbyist, taking pictures when I am not busy balancing the debits and credits :) but if I was a professional photographer, I perhaps would be very careful about buying third party lenses, but technology is changing and as a matter of fact, some third party lenses prove to be of batter value than camera manufacturers'.

    Here's one taken with the Tokina 28-70 at 28:

  14. Updat

    Damn, missed the UPS truck, and now I have to wait another day :( :( :(
  15. Roman,

    Please stop it! Your horshoe bend shot is making me feel that my 20mm 2.8D is way too looooong.

    Excellent captures.

  16. Thanks for spending another $500 of my money! Ahhh! :)

    Really nice photos in this thread.
  17. Money well spent

    I enjoy helping other people spend their money lol :lol: Besides, I believe that in this case it is money well spent. :wink:
  18. allen_a_george


    Apr 30, 2005
    Out of curiousity - why did you decide to buy the 12-24 instead of the new Sigma 10-20?
  19. Hi,

    I had read a lot of good reviews of the Tokina, and it was readily available. The Sigma is still not available where I have looked. 12 mm is wide enough for me. :) I am very satisfied with the Tokina build and performance. I would recommend it.