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Tokina 400 5.6 or Nikon 80-200 with 2x TC?

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by twilli53, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. Which of these would you go with for long range shooting. Will the Nikon hold up with a 2x converter in image quality. I hear good things about the Tokina for band per buck ,plus I can get it for less than half of the Nikon combo.
    Thanks, Tim
  2. I've had both of the lenses and you can't go wrong with either.
    I would go for the 80-200 just because of the 2.8 (and it's a Nikon!)
    I believe the Nikon TC will work great with the 80-200, maybe
    someone that has used this combo will chime in.
  3. The Tokina 400/5.6 is surprisingly good for the price . . .

    I've never shot the 80-200 with a TC, so I can't comment (though the 80-200 is a great lens, love it).

    You can get the later, better version of the Tokina 400/5.6 pretty cheap if you look--I've seen them for as little as $100 several times. It's not the sharpest lens in the world wide open, but it's usable, and it's pretty good at f/8 - f/11.

    I don't have much online from it, but here are a couple of odds and ends:



    It does have a tendency to produce PF on high contrast areas at times. You can see it a bit in the tail of this duck (this image is straight from the camera, no PP, just resized by flickr):

    Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)

    I think it's a great inexpensive way to get some reach, and even though I have better long glass I often carry this lens because it's so small and light. That's my 0.02 dollars,

  4. If an inexpensive 400 is on your short list, the Sigma 400/5.6 Telemacro AF is highly regarded and very attractively priced when found. Be sure to look for the Telemacro with the 77mm filter ring. Other versions are not nearly so desireable.
  5. Be aware that the Nikon TC-14E does not work with the 80-200/f2.8 AFD. This is for two reasons: first, because the TC-14E does not have screwdriver AF couplings, and secondly because the Nikon TCs have a tab that precludes any lens from mounting except for a few of their long AFS telephotos or telephoto zooms.

    Now if you really mean the 80-200/f2.8 AFS, and not the currently available AFD, then yes, the Nikon TCs do work with that older lens. The 80-200/f2.8 AFS is one of that limited group of lenses that do work with the TC-14/17/20E.
  6. I've owned both the Tokina and Sigma you reference and . . .

    . . . FWIW I prefer the Tokina (I sold the Sigma 400/5.6 APO Telemacro and kept the Tokina). While the better version of the Sigma 400/5.6 is significantly sharper at f/5.6, there's little difference between the Sigma and Tokina when both are stopped down a bit, and the Tokina is both much lighter/smaller and also much cheaper too.

  7. Just to add to this, if you are looking at the 80-200D-ED (screwdriver) lens, the Kenko 1.4x PRO works really well giving clean sharp images, and apparently the Tamron is a Kenko re-badged I've been told. As for a 2x TC I've seen mixed result and it was biased more towards the soft side than the sharp.
    But this is something you need to try for yourself and make up your own mind if IQ is up to your standards.... Good luck with your final choice....:smile:
  8. Thank you everyone . It is the D version so I will look into the Kenko converters. I was thinking 2x is asking a lot to retain IQ. But who knows until you try.
  9. rvink


    Mar 21, 2006
    New Zealand
    Which camera do you have? The Tokina AF400/5.6 does not work well with the D50. I read that setting the meter-on timer to 30sec makes it work - I tried it and it works sometimes with full metering and AF, but other times they won't talk to each other, haven't figured out why. I've read that it works fine with the D70 and D2H.

    Optically the Tokina is decent wide openand quite good at f8, but it's not outstanding. It's probably better than an 80-200 with 2x TC.
  10. I've heard this same thing before Greg. The Tokina is indeed a nice lens for handholding when the circumstances allow. The upside for the Sigma would be the lesser penalty for use with a TC wide open. The Sigma 400/5.6 I have makes credible, if not outstanding, images with the Kenko Pro 300 1.4 and will AF with lenses of f5.6 and faster.
  11. I have the D80. Any problems with it?
  12. Works great on my D200, so . . .

    . . . probably not.

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