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too much stuff

Discussion in 'Film Forum' started by BourbonCowboy, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. I started going through the boxes of darkroom stuff last night. I continued doing this today. It seems that I've barely made a dent in this mountain of gear. I'm trying to clean it as I go (since its been sitting in a garage for a while and is quite dusty), but my kitchen is full of air-drying equipment, so I'm taking a break. Here's what I've managed to discover so far:

    • 5 Paterson developing tanks various sizes and the accompanying reels
    • Two stainless developing tanks with reels
    • 4 paper safes in various sizes
    • 5 timers in various sizes by various makers (GraLab, Time-O-Lite, etc)
    • 16 developing pans (sizes vary from 8x10 - 16x20)
    • 4 measuring beakers
    • 4 funnels
    • 2 film proofers
    • 4 easels (various sizes)
    • 8 quart-size plastic chemistry storage bottles
    • 1 Kaiser paper cutter (13x18)
    • 1 old Kodak safe light
    • a box full of tongs, thermometers, squeegees, etc.

    I still haven't looked at either enlarger, but I'm betting one of em works. One's a color enlarger, one's a B&W. I've also found a box with about 8 enlarging lenses, 10 negative carriers, and a bunch of other stuff I haven't identified as of yet. It'll take me at least 7-10 days to get all this stuff organized and ready to use, maybe longer. I just hope that most of it is in good condition, as I'm ready to put it to use.
  2. braver


    Apr 2, 2008
    Wow amazing! I wouldn't have the space for the boxes let alone al that stuff unpacked. Next house, I'm picking up some free darkroom stuff too :)  So cool.
  3. I'm envious. I have the space but not the time. I would love to print my B&Ws again.
  4. Don't be envious. Going through all these boxes and cleaning everything is a pain in the a$$.
  5. mhcfires


    Aug 23, 2007
    El Cajon, CA
    It might be a PITA, but you didn't have to go out and buy the stuff. Looks like a pretty good haul after you separate the wheat from the chaff. I'm a reforming packrat, it is hard to get rid of junk, I know I should, but…:frown:
  6. You are not alone. I still have in storage 2 Omega DII enlargers,(1 set up for b/w, 1 for color), Chromegatrol, condenser, timers, tanks, cibachrome set up, reels, Leedal water control, paper safes, etc. (Not to mention twelve Nikon film cameras, all still in fine shape).
    :rolleyes:  At this point, I wouldn't get a nickel on the dollar's worth. My sons have shown a bit of interest in film, so there it stays....
  7. AllThumz


    Feb 24, 2009
    Albany, Oregon
    Nobody has too much stuff :biggrin:

  8. My storage contains a 25th anniversary Besseler 23CII with two film holders - 35mm and 2-1/4, with coresponding lenses - filters for both color and B/W, several trays, easels, developing tanks, timers, a couple dryers, a color drum print processor (stainless steel drum with netting to hold the print to the ourside), a densitometer and who knows what else. I also have most of a 4X5 enlarger and a couple condensors for it in the garage: It's missing the light housing.
  9. Oh my, I can relate, but seems your haul is even larger than mine. EIGHT enlarger lenses??? Since your enlarger looks just like mine...a 45M, you can't do anything larger than 4x5 (without an accessory head) so there is what...Minux(8X11mm), 110, APS, 35mm, 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7, 6x9, and 4x5...well I guess that's 9 so throw in another antique format or two and I guesss if one had a lens for each format...though I think only 4 would be required for what I listed. 10 negative carriers I can understand as mounted slides need a different carrier for each format.
    Only two things I would consider 'liberating' on an auction site immediately are some of the timers...seriously, FIVE??? and if you think you will end up doing 16x20 prints more than very, very infrequently, those trays. Reason being you can pick up a drum and roller base for <$150 and the chemical you'll save drum processing vs. the liter+ it takes to ensure even development in trays of this size will pay for the drum in fairly short order. Also, laying out 3 or 4, 16x20 trays in your bathroom floor ends up more resembling a game of Twister than a print processing operation...:biggrin:D on't ask me how I know...:tongue:
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