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Top 10 Reasons to love and continue to shoot Nikon!!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Doug, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. Doug


    Jan 17, 2006
    East TN
    You knew it would happen, here it is...

    Yes, even in the face of adversity, with friends changing camps, obvious low noise advantages of the competition, blah blah, WHO OF YOU say, I love my Nikons and I'd rather fight than switch! (to steal a little slogan from Benson and Hedges ads, wasn't it?) Yeah, it was a great idea to advertise cigs to the generation of kids in the 60s. :mad:  That's another fight, today, I'm fighting for Nikon!

    I don't mean fight the other photogs using competitive gear, not at all, but fight the inner demons saying switch, switch, you know you want to! :112: :rolleyes: 

    I am going to go on record as saying, I won't switch. That is not to say I may have diversions along the way, like my little Leica affair. It's true the little compact digital I had from Leica pulled me in with their glass quality to want a little more. But I will never go DEEP Leica, no plan to. I am going to trust Nikon over the long range. I know by the time I wear out my D2Xs or X, or D200, that Nikon will have a replacement for me. So, what's the rush? Enjoy it!!!

    Top 10 reasons today to keep shooting Nikon. (subject to change)

    1. I love the Ergonomics of my gear. I feel comfortable shooting Nikon gear, I know the base system fairly well at this point. Things are somewhat second nature.

    2. I feel that the longer I shoot with a particular style camera, the better my work will get as my knowledge base expands. If I start over, I'm toast. 1.5 years of experience is compromised.

    3. As an amateur, the learning curve can be STEEP, due to time commitments for other things, I can only learn at so fast a rate. I have not even scratched the surfucs of understanding my D2 series fully yet, so I sure don't want to start over.

    4. My glass collection is significant. Yes, it's changed a lot lately, but if I started over, then that process would have to start over too. At the price of one L lens I looked at (85 1.2 L), 750.00 higher than a Nikon similar range lens? I'll keep my 85 Nikon thanks. I LOVE Nikon GLASS!!! and my 28 1.4D? :377:

    5. The accessories, and goodies with Nikon are great. I absolutely LOVE the R1C1 flash setup. The SU-800 commander, the SB-800 flash, the MC-30 cords, the MC-36. It's good gear!

    6. I really like the results I can get with Nikon pro grade glass on Nikon cameras. Even DX doesn't bother me, asI know I gain telephoto range with the DX too!

    7. I don't need more than 12.2 mpx. It would just be storage waist. I can print as large as I wish to print with 12.2.

    8. Nikon durability. I've had excellent luck with Nikon. I even dropped a D2X on a short fall once, scratched it, lost a LCD cover, but otherwise, she survived fine!

    9. I always wanted Nikon, ya know? Growing up, I shot some Minolta stuff, Nikon always seemed just out of reach, a friend had a Nikon, I was jealous. Who would be jealous today? hehe.

    The number 10 reason to keep shooting Nikon?

    10. Everyone knows Black is beautiful!!!
  2. Couldn't agree more!


    Haven't been around for a while, but was shocked to see all the banter about switching to the "other side".

    Who cares? Go out and shoot, have fun and lets not make this wonderful site another DPR with all the bragging, trolling and upsmanship.

    Just my 2 cents.

  3. I like to take pictures.

  4. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Agree with all 10
  5. I agree and would add to number 4 that every Nikon lens I've purchased since 1975 works just fine on my D2 series and D200. :smile:
  6. I just enjoy being the "dark horse". ;-)
  7. Doug


    Jan 17, 2006
    East TN
    Luke, that is really significant and just awesome! I can't attest to anyone's lens quality besides Nikon, and I am sure they are fine, but I can tell you I just got a older AF version of the 180 2.8. Man, the quality of it just blows me away, I just love this little lens. For 400 bucks, it competes VERY close with the 200VR 2.0 I owned. I know the 200VR club will find this difficult to believe, and that is a great lens, but for my purposes, other than the 20mm focal length difference, there is no significant difference to me other than the stop of light, and the benefit of being compatible with all my filters from a landscape perspective is so valuable. whereas the 200VR is drop in 52mm, so it really limts you. I will probably thank Nute every month for this glass. I really love it and 400 bucks man, what a sweet deal for a telephoto.

    Gale, your to easy. ;) 

    Matt, haha.

  8. Good to view the top ten, Doug. I feel so comfortable with my Nikon gear and
    old Ai/Ais lenses. Recently, I did some freelance for a sports photography company and they had me use their Canon Mark II with a 300 2.8 and I used a 1.4 TC off and on. That camera did not feel like a camera, it felt more like a brick. Now, the AF....thats something to talk about.
  9. Doug


    Jan 17, 2006
    East TN
    From 1.2 to 1.4 I consider fairly negligible Mattes. Not sure what I said up there, but I am aware it's faster than the Nikon, but for 750, whew?

    But when does that .2 come in handy? I don't know, maybe, certainly not a huge difference.

    I don't really care about lens expense on glass now anyway myself, since I have about all the glass I need, lol. I mean really. like 15 lenses, 3 bodies, so, I'm good. :) 
  10. I would agree with everything you said, Doug, except for maybe #2. I don't think you ever waste anything you learn. What you learn you carry forward.

    I'd probably also add to your list the CLS system. That was killer and so simple to use. I used it for portraits before switching to studio strobes.

    And, if I recall correctly, the ad was for Tarrington (Tarkington?) cigarettes. They used a model with black paint under the eye and a bent cig, didn't they? I remember those ads from when I was a kid.

    See? A Canon shooter can still contribute to Nikon gear discussions. :wink:
  11. Zee71


    Apr 1, 2007
    Queens, NY
    Applause and thumbs up for the top 10!..........I'm a Nikon junkies as well.
  12. adrianaitken

    adrianaitken Guest

    Doug, that 1.2 to 1.4 is actually half a stop !
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