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Toronto get together for a shoot on 9 June?

Discussion in 'Special Sessions, Events, and Tour Announcements' started by Rich Gibson, May 2, 2007.

  1. Hi. Carolyn and I will be visiting Toronto and wanted to visit the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton. As there are a number of members living in Ontario in or around Toronto I wondered if there would be enough of you available to meet for a day's shoot at the Gardens on the 9th of June? That will be the only day we will be free.

    This is our second trip to Canada; we went to Quebec City, Ottawa and Niagara Falls two years ago. We had a lot of fun and decided to head up north once more. Last time in May it was overcast windy and in the low 40's in Quebec City....brrrrrrr. :eek:  Sandi has promised me warm, mosquito free weather.

    :wink: Thanks, Rich
  2. Bump. No interest?

  3. Rich,

    Right now, I'm free and assuming my wife agrees, I'd love to join you. I have to drop both chillun off for soccer and baseball practice at 9 and 11, but then we might be able to work some practice sport shooting in:wink: .

    I'm thinking about playing hookey from work one day this week to visit the Lilac garden.

    Since I'm just down the road, I think we can work something out.

    (The challenge of course, is to explain to all and sundry about meeting internet friends in public).
  4. PM sent.

  5. I'm in as well, as PM'd. It's fun meeting shooting friends, putting faces to the avatars, etc. Meeting up with fellow shooters gives us a great motivation to get off that computer chair and get outside and shoot!! :biggrin: I've made great friends from photography sessions, even C...C...C... (can't bring myself to say it) shooters. I can even fault one or two of them for enticing me to hit the B&H [BUY] button.

    In the old days, we'd join a photography club which meets once a week, compare notes, and arrange shoots. The internet just makes the world a lot smaller!
  6. So we have a threesome from the sounds of it. How many more are interested.

    June has a reasonable probability of being snow free....
  7. LOL!

  8. That sounds like a great idea! I'll double check my schedule with SWMBO just to make sure I'm free that day! I'm sure it'll be worth the 4 1/2 hour drive into Hamilton!
  9. Well, that would be most generous of your time. Thank you!

  10. Just a friendly bump....surely we have a few more members in the Hamilton and GTA area who could join in on the fun!
  11. I have a million and one things to do in the next few weeks, so a day of shooting might not happen for me.

    If I could make a suggestion though. If you are staying in the area over night, down town Burlington might be a good place to be. There is a Travellodge on the lake that is right at the bottom of Brant Street. It is a good clean hotel (we send all our visitors from work there), and there is a paved path that starts at the hotel and goes along the water all the way through Hamilton to Stoney Creek. tonnes of great photo opps there too.
    Also, there are many great resturants right across from the hotel, it is a good central location.

    Have fun, I am looking forward to seeing the pics!:wink:
  12. Thanks for your recommendation. Unfortunately we've already made arrangements for lodging.

  13. Mandeep


    May 24, 2007
    Toronto, Canada
  14. Mandeep,

    You would be welcome.

    Rich, could you let us know your schedule so we can start to confirm some times?
  15. Certainly. Carolyn and I have only Saturday the 9th available for a joint effort. Sunday morning we'll leave for Ottawa. The entire day is open; I suggested the botannical gardens in Hamilton because I saw some shots from there and the AAA travel books recommended it. Flowers are always great for shooting. Mark, as I recall you have some other errands you needed to to in the morning so I assumed we'd begin to get together after that. Of course if others plan to join in we could start earlier and meet somewhere. A lunch would be great too!

    We're open to any suggestions and will make the entire day available for shooting anywhere anyone suggests...time limiting the activities of course.

    Now, we'll be in Ottawa June 10, 11, and 12...not far down the road...if anyone can't make it in Toronto.

  16. Thanks Rich. I will now put on the thinking cap and see what I can suggest.

    Lilacs are done at the RBG, but a whole host of other stuff is/will be in bloom. Plus there is Coote's, which has some birding possiblities (as does the RBG, strictly based on the numbers of goldfinches in my backyard).

    Lunch is definitely in order, and there are some good/fun/reasonable places in the general area. (I'm thinking Ancaster Old Mill). I think Sandi might have some additional suggestions as well.
  17. Huh oh - I would have joined you however the co is sending me back to Montreal... on June 1st.
  18. Hey, it's what, 2 hours from Montreal at Canadian highway speeds?:biggrin:

    Would have been interesting to have you there.
  19. The good news is that I can now take five passengers with my new vehicle and still have plenty of room for gear so if anyone wants to jump onboard, terrific. We'll pick a central Toronto location to meet and then head west from there.
    More specific details to follow.
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