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Discussion in 'Film Forum' started by rodneyAB, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. 81673866.gif
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    quick and dirty scan on new scanner
    first ever roll ACROS in 120 form
    500CM Distagon 50mm C
  2. Very nice.

    You may have been a homing pigeon in a previous life.
  3. That's your favorite spot, eh Rod? :wink:
  4. D-e-j-a V-u!
  5. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Ok, so I'm gonna bite Rodney. You have posted maybe half a dozen or so photos of this same scene, perhaps at slightly different angles. The geometry is certainly appealing, the light is doing several reflections before it gets to your lens, and the bright corner causes curiosity about what's back there.

    But I can't help but wonder, is there a story behind these images, some context that we can use to make sense of the repetition? The un-answeredness of it all, just puts me into a state! So I gotta ask, why, WHY, WHY???? :Crunk:
  6. Thanks!
    This is Home!:wink:
  7. Currently: yes!....although i seem recently to have shifted out to Marshal, and have begun repetitive trips to the site, and new favorite shoots may emerge....maybe
  8. oh jeez lewinsky!...been there done that:wink:...i keep thinking i'm breaking new ground..but when i develop the film...its the same dang shot...over and over:biggrin:
  9. Why a duck?:confused: 
    no story here..uhhh...no context..i am compelled to take photographs every three weeks of the same site and post to a website....:biggrin:
    first time here was a 5 minute exposure
    this last time was 1 minute, 1.5 minute exposure
    the light is pretty constant:tongue:
    the site is pretty boring during daylite hours,:rolleyes:  but at night you get quite a view of The city, and quite a view of the Golden Gate bridge, neither of which i seem to be able to photograph.
    this a practice area for me trying to get a grip on Neopan ACROS, so far i've found that there is a large quantity of aggregated photons hovering on site, and i need to have a gut sense of aperture and exposure time...i don't have it yet.:eek: 
    this is the first roll of ACROS put into my recently acquired Hasselblad:cool: 
    ...and actually, i think this is the best image so far
    ..and most likely i have not answered the question yet, and may not be able to
  10. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Thanks Rodney! You have helped quench my curiosity, well, maybe only a bit. Your story helps my imagination when it comes to this place, this picture and the series. I'm really looking forward to walking into a gallery and seeinga long hall, with nothing but big prints, maybe 28 of them, all like this.
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