Total Weight lbs vs. Tripod Support lbs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JerseyJay, May 3, 2005.

  1. If I was to get 200-400VR for bird photography, what tripod should I be looking at ?

    I'm interested in Total Weight vs. Tripod Support lbs.

    Above situation is just an example but I'm interested in how one would approach monopod purchase. Would you go with ~20lbs support monopod and have almost "everything" covered or would you go with something lighter ~5lbs + 25lbs for "heavy dude" occasions. I don't have 200-400 at the moment but I have 70-200VR.

    Tips , recommendations ?
  2. nfoto

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    People tend to think you need a very heavy tripod for heavy gear, which is plainly wrong. What you need is a *rigid* structure to support your lens/camera. If weight was that important you could just put your gear on the ground, hardly anything heavier available than the Earth itself :)

    My heaviest tripod weighs 2.4 kg and can carry a load at least 40 times bigger. Its price will lighten your wallet in a corresponding fashion. (it's a professional Sachtler tripod)
  3. jumbocrab

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    I agree. Which is why many good tripods have a hook at the bottom of the centre column so that it can you geel that the CG is too high, or that for whatever reasons you feel that the tripod may topple, you can hang a heavy weight (such as your backpack) on the hook to stabilise.
  4. Jay,
    Both of the above posts are correct. I am 6'4" tall so I chose the Gitzo 1348 for this lense/camera combo. A 1325 would do extremely well for more normal sized people (around 6'). It will take a gimbrel style head to get the results you want with that lense.
  5. Nfoto and All,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    #1. Would this apply to monopod as well ?

    #2. Why are they making monopods which support 25lbs and 5lbs ?
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