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    My neighbors organized a competition this weekend, so I took the wife and kids down to check it out. Having a pair of kids (3 and 1.5) out in public does not lend it’s self to taking photos, let alone action shots. I was stranded in one spot...The 3yr old thought my monopod was pretty neat, and was constantly grabbing it and shaking it, and the little one would come up and tackle my leg. Needless to say, I didn’t get any great shots...and we didn’t get to stay for the performance, just the tail end of the competition.


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    And...bellydancing is not a sport best represented by still me, there was much action that I just could not capture.

    My neighbors are Shabnam and Mo. They are hilarious! Shab is a very accomplished dancer and teacher…we missed her performance this time around, but I’ll be sure to let you know when I catch one, and will definately have more pics.

    So we walked into the show, Mo (Maruice) is the MC, he's up on stage introducing the next contestant, stops to take a breath and this tiny but loud voice next to me blurts out "It's MAURICE!" The whole place turns to look, and Mo says "That's my neighbor, Diego! Hola Diego!" of course Diego returns the "Hola Maurice"...all this to much laughter and applause.

    Nikon D80, 18-200mm VR, iso 1600, f5.3 w/-1.0 comp. Aperture mode, Monopod.

    No idea what kind of lights they were using, so WB was set to incandescant...seemed to work well. Took a while to get this dialed in, never worked under these conditions before...better luck next time.
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