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Town Hall B/W

Discussion in 'Night, InfraRed, and UltraViolet Photography' started by Allan, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. I took this one a month ago before the leaves began to fall. D800E 665 conversion then B/W
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  2. Very nice. Do the highlights in the sky need pulling down a bit or do they have to stay as they are because it is an IR image? I'm asking this for the learning purpose as I want to try IR in the future too. In my opinion reducing the highlights in the sky would help the trees to stand out more.
  3. Very dramatic! Like Binnur, I also wondered if this is an IR photo.
  4. IR images tend to have very bright sections, especially b/w ones.
    Binnur, I am still very much a rookie at IR.
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  5. I added the color version of the town hall in another thread along with a poll - which do you prefer - color or b/w.

    B/W version
  6. After seeing your false color version, I prefer the B&W. But I would reduce the highlights in the brightest part of the sky selectively to put the emphasis more on the Town Hall and the trees. IMO that very bright part close to the top of the frame is very distracting.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I did a graduated neutral density filter to darken the top a back then masked out some of the darker areas. To bring interest on the hall more I also cropped a bit off the top.

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  8. Butlerkid

    Butlerkid Cafe Ambassador Moderator

    Apr 8, 2008
    Rutledge, Tennessee
    I like the B&W version better than the false color version.

    However, I think cropping the left side to remove almost but not quite all of the large upper white cloud on the left creates a much stronger composition. It is not the white cloud on the left that bothers me, it is simply that much of the left side weakens the impact of the subject...the Town Hall building.

    Of course, it all depends on how YOU want to present this scene to the viewer. I will remove the image below immediately upon request.

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  9. You do have a point Karen. I was trying for the pano look. I did crop a bit off the left but I took off less than what you did and cut the cloud (which I did not like.) I had not thought of taking off as much as you did. Thanks for your suggestion.
  10. The sky looks better Allan (y)
  11. photobrad


    Oct 1, 2008
    Thats not true. If you are getting hotspots in your IR images, thats caused by the lens you are using and how it interacts internally with IR wavelengths....some are bad, some have none at all. There is a list of lenses with this issue available on lifepixels website. There should be no more or less of a hotspot (bright area) with IR than visible light, and it being converted to monochrome has nothing to do with light levels. I'm on my 6th IR conversion, and have been doing these for years. Takes some getting used to, but lens anomolys are common and need to be researched before choosing your IR lens choice.

    Although, tbh, this shot, simply looks like normal lens flare due to shooting into the sun....
  12. I thing it is a great image. I do see a little lens flare but that is easily accounted for by shooting into the direction of the sun and has nothing to do with hot spots.
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