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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by greyflash, Aug 29, 2008.

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  1. Yesterday we found it necessary to cancel the membership of one of the Cafe's participants and I was the lead on doing that. Today I found my Pbase account trashed. This person called my daughter's vile names, wished death in Iraq for my soldier son and hoped that all my children died in a car accident.

    I share this just so that you all know the lengths (or depths) that someone will go to when they don't get their way. I do not deserve this treatment for being a volunteer here on the Nikon Cafe. I have been here from the beginning of this site and have never been rude or contentious with anyone. I am sorely disappointed that anyone would stoop to such antics, no matter what the reason. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes over this incident.

    This is my son and I am proud of him:

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    These are my children and love every one:

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  2. PJohnP


    Feb 5, 2005
    Gordon :

    The great thing about the internet is that it allows almost anyone to comment and play with the potential of the world. The bad thing is that it allows almost anyone to comment...

    I'm sorry to hear that this happened.

    John P.
  3. PhotogWannabe


    Mar 19, 2007
    Good heavens! I am sorry this happened to you, Gordon.
  4. mood


    Jun 27, 2007
    So Fla
    very sorry to hear this
    as my mother used to tell me........."consider the source"...........

    you are a fair and honest man.....
  5. Gordon--and family, I am fully behind you. I am shocked and speechless, but what you describe is all the proof I need to know that your did the right thing. I'm sorry it had to happen, and happen to you, but I know how strong you are and I know you will survive and grow stronger.

    Peace my friend!
  6. I am so sorry Gordon. The childishness of some people who use the internet as a way to bully others is unbelievable to me. I've been a victim of this as well, and can understand why you're upset.
    I appreciate all you do here, and am glad you've always been civil and respectful to everyone as far as I can see. You don't deserve to be treated that way.
  7. Sorry to read about this, Gordon.
    Please don't take the words and actions of this jerk serious!
  8. BrendaC


    Sep 24, 2007
    I am so sorry, I can't believe anyone would do that! Well at least you made the right call, you saw what they were BEFORE they did this. You should be very proud of your son, as everyone who has a loved one in the military.

    I still can't believe it.
  9. iLLMaCK

    iLLMaCK Guest

    Sorry to hear Gordon, don't take it to heart. You're a good guy.
    In other news, are any of your daughters single :) 
  10. Mart61


    Dec 23, 2006
    Camberley, UK

    No-one deserves such treatment. I feel sure I speak for all the ordinary decent Nikon Cafe members when I say that we truly appreciate what you, the other mods, administrators and management of this site do for us.

    Wipe away your tears and stand proud for all that you hold dear and all that you do for others here and, i feel sure, in scores of other places...
  11. Gordon,
    So sorry such a person has caused you such pain. You are loved and appreciated by so many here. Don't think about him/her any more. Think about all of us who so appreciate your service.
  12. The kind of vindications you describe are those of a disturbed person, whoever he/she may be.
    I understand that this nevertheless would hurt, but don't allow it to get beyond disappointment Gordon.
    I know that you will remain standing tall, my friend. I appreciate all you do for the Cafe.
  13. My thoughts exactly. I know it is difficult to do, but I wouldn't give this person a bit of thought. Sorry you were hurt by this stranger's words. Sad... :frown:
  14. This is what I thought as well. This person by acting that way just gave proof that this person is not mature enough. Some people never grow up on the internet. This is very sad.
  15. Gordon, simply ignore those psychos. A sane person will not even come close to reacting like that. This simply reflects the personality of that individual and further brings out his/her abnormalities to light.

    Just forget about the whole episode and consider such an individual never even existed.
  16. Phillip Ino

    Phillip Ino

    Nov 26, 2007
    What a horrible thing to do! Childish, to say the least. I hope the negativity doesn't continue.
  17. what gordon?
    i am sick just hearing of this

    very sick
    maybe my ROSE COLORED GLASSES prevent me from comprehending such an vile and disgusting act

    you and your family are the most incredible people
    i am so sorry to hear of this happening
    we love you, gordon.... and your family

    thank you for sharing it with us
    and i'm so sorry you had to

    take care of yourself please
  18. We're with you, Gordon. Only proves that you did the right thing banning him from here. Saves all of us from his possible harassment. Thank you.
  19. Gordon, you and the moderators here do an outstanding and very fair job. What you did in this case absolutely needed to be done, and I applaud you for leading the charge and saving one of the best threads on his entire board. I am sorry that a gentleman like you suffers at times for taking proper and needed action, but your involvement is one of the reasons I frequent this place and few others.
  20. Thanks all. Normally things like this would just roll off my back as I considered the source. Many of you know that I lost a son in May and I am still greiving over this and so the vile words of this individual got to me more than they should have. I know that someone would have to be disturbed to wish death on someones family. I love the Nikon Cafe and the many friendships I have made here. You are a great family of photographers and I admire so many of you. Thanks for letting me share my feelings a little here.
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