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Travel Gear

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gmaker1, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. Not to start an out pouring of "are you nuts", but I was wondering: Anybody ever put their photo eqipment through regular bagage claim? And if you do, what type of case do you use. Just curious because I needed one small suitcase and photo backpack to hold my equipment for eveyting I am taking on my yosemite trip.

  2. I'm biting my tongue/lip here NOT saying it...... Here goes: Once your bag goes through the system, the 'insider' folks know pretty much what's inside it, and I'll bet you dollars to donuts it won't come out the other end, or else if it does come out the other end, it will be minus some items. You can count on it! Also, don't depend on insurance because a lot of them these days are having 'exclusions' put into policies on expensive equipment in checked baggage - they'll state that the airline insurance takes precedence and that's only so many dollars/lb. Take a large rolling backpack and wear a smaller one.

    When I went to Greece, I checked two large suitcases for clothes, shoes, etc, and my carryon was legal sized rolling backpack which held: all camera gear, laptop, external drive, Ikelite waterhousing and all my bits and bobs. This was not an expensive one - got it from Costco and it also featured a smaller backpack which zipped onto the front of the large one, which I used on my hiking treks.

    I would NOT let it out of my sight anywhere on the trip. I advise you STRONGLY to do the same!
  3. Ms ToLady:

    Do not fear. I carry my photo equipment with me all the time. I was just wondering what others may do. I like to travel lite and I have specail locks which I use at safety checks so when the bags leave the checkers they are locked before the other people get them. Was just curious, thats all. But I do apprecaite the answer and concern that you have.

  4. You can normally take onboard a 22" rolling suitcase and one "personal item", but not always. The "personal item" could be a laptop computer or a smaller camera bag. I would suggest that you look at putting the photo backpack inside the roller and see what else you can squeeze around it. If it does not fit, see what you can do without.
    You might also look at a photo or fishing vest and wear some of your gear. A lot of little things will fit in the pockets and make room in the roller.

    I have been able to get away without a laptop by buying more CF cards. They occupy no space and really cut down on the weight. We took 11GB of cards to Africa with two DSLR's and came home with 3200+ images shooting large fine .jpg's. All the camera gear fit in 1.5 smallish regular (not photo) backpacks. I got the heavy one and Nan got the lighter one. D-70 + D-100, 80-400VR, 70-200 AFS-VR, 18-70, 28-200, 50, 1 charger, 4 batteries, 1.7TC, CF Cards, Lowepro TLZ-1 Bag, Lowepro Topload 75AW Bag, Nikon 80-400 & 70-200 bags.
    Hope you can do it without checking a camera bag
    Bob (&Nan)
  5. Gil,
    I hava a carryon legal bag that you do either way. it holds ALL of my gear including the 200-400. It is made by thinktankphoto and is called airport addicted. a tad pricey at 450.00 but outstanding quality and carry capacity. gear is well organized and protected. If you like I can find a link for you.
  6. Dave:

    Thakt would be great. thanks.
  7. I outgrew my Tamrac Expedition 4 backpack, so I bought a LowePro Mini Trekker AW for my New England holiday. It held everything, camera, lenses, lens hoods, chargers... everything! :smile:, and it was a comfortable 15 pound lump on my back everywhere I went for 2 weeks.

    The thing that amazed me is, the fully loaded backpack sailed through security, going and coming, without being searched. The only item that concerned security was my monopod. They don't allow tripods these days, but I was able to get my monopod through. Go figure.
  8. jfrancis


    May 8, 2005
    Orlando, FL
    I would NEVER check my camera and lenses. I find it strange that none of the TSA people ever check my camera bag. For some reason, video camera (as well as laptops) have to be out of their bags for security, but still cameras do not.

    I travel a lot with my Lowepro Rolling Mini-Trekker and a Tamrac Cyber-Pro. The Thinktankphoto bag looks awesome, and is definitely on my wishlist.
  9. thinktankphoto.com
    Doug Murdoch is the ceo and a great guy.
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