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Feb 13, 2005
Rochester, New York
Awhile back, I mentioned that my wife and I were going to Sweden for our son's wedding. I received many great ideas of what to do and see when we are there. Now I need your help again. Any advise on the following three questions:

1. Any feedback on portable storage devices. I do not want to drag a laptop with me or purchase more memory. Anyone have any good products to look at? I would need something that would work with both Nikon and Sony's memory sticks.

2. What type of plugs do I need to recharge batteries etc?

3. For a wedding gift, we want to purchase a consumer type digital camera. It has been suggested that the digital elph is a good one. Anyone have any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Feb 2, 2005
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[img=right:2762f5540e][/img:2762f5540e]Regarding a consumer cam, I just saw a Sony T7 in action. This is an extremely small camera with a huge LCD on the back. The lens doesn't telescope out, so it's always ready to shoot. AND it fits in a shirt pocket easily, for stealth use. I know I want one! I see there's a new coolpix with the same configuration now, the S1, and I know there are others too.


I think Canon is still the king for point and shoot (personal opinion ;) Any of the A-Series are good deals.

Canon is really user friendly, great out of camera shots and good price, plus use the common CF cards (unless you go with a smaller ELPH) I think the Sony's are also amazing but you always pay a chunk extra for the luxery of owning a Sony product.

As far as power. I'm sure Sweden uses the European standard plug. It is a two-pronged plug like North America but the prongs are long, thin and round rather than flat and thin like North American plugs. Make sure you have a converter if your devices do not allow mulitple currencies (120-240V). If your devices allow multiple currents then simply get a few adapters at Radio Shack or a nearby Electronics Store.

Have fun!!


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