Travel With Indiana Jones - (Almost)

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  1. All that was missing was the fedora and the wip! :wink: And the snakes.

    One of the things Nan & I really enjoyed on our recent trip to Greenland with Lindblad Expeditions is the wide variety of experts available, in this case, an archaeologist from Ireland.
    We made a landing at a place that belongs in a crossword puzzle... a place name that is a 10-letter word that starts and ends with a "Q" but has no "U" ... Qilakitsoq, Greenland

    Eight Inuit mummies from about 1475 were found here in 1972. We went to visit the small cave where they were found. Our archaeologist had never been there, but had a lot of information on the discovery.

    Heading ashore by Zodiac:

    After finding the cave, he pointed to the several piles of rock in the area and said "They did not pile themselves up like that":

    Those look like burial sites, lets take a closer look... Lift up one of the rocks a bit... Hello....

    Maybe a better view if we lift that rock...

    Let's try another pile...

    Or this pile...

    We just had to be careful to put all the rocks back as they were when we came.

    Bob & Nan
  2. wow, very unusual findings!
  3. Another interesting chapter in your series. Kind of eerie seeing that skull peering out from its tomb. The landscape looks beautiful, you must have had an outstanding adventure on your trip up North.
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