Traveling camera update 30 Aug 08

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  1. I've pm'ed everyone requesting your email and snail mail address. This is needed to prepare a list of participants which will travel with the camera. Also, because of the battery problem and a weight issue I have changed the camera from the Canon to an Olympus 35 RC since this can use hearing aid batteries and is considerably lighter which will reduce folks' postage charges!

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  2. Here's a list of participants. The check marks indicate that I have received a mailing address:

    1. p3200TMZ √

    2. Chris101√

    3. Stealthman_1 √

    4. Hovmod

    5. Braver√

    6. Italy74√

    7. jryoung1947 √

    8. JustinD √

    9. Connahhh√

    10. gavin√

    11. NB23√

    12. Riversideray√
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  3. Okay, just two more addresses to get and then we're on our way!