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Tri-X, Agfapan 25 and a 20mm

Discussion in 'Film Forum' started by p3200TMZ, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. I did a trial run with a roll of Tri-X and Agfapan 25 and the 20mm.

    We had a very strong Southerly over the past weekend, which brings a big swell up the coast, in this case the waves were 15 metres(50ft) plus. It was still blowing a gale, 80kmh(50mph) plus, when I visited. In the process, I donated a lens to the god of the sea, a Nikkor 35mm 2.8 rolled out of my camera bag and took a 60ft plunge into the surf. I took on so much saltwater spray that the meter in the F2S went on the blink. The only way to keep the front element dry was to position myself with my back to the wind. The force of the wind was enough to blow the spray past the back of the camera without getting any on the front element.

    Nikon F2S w/ Nikkor-UD 20mm f3.5 - Agfapan 25 @ Rodinal 1+25

    Nikon F2S w/ Nikkor-UD 20mm f3.5 - Agfapan 25 @ Rodinal 1+25

    Nikon F2S w/ Nikkor-UD 20mm f3.5 - Tri-X & D76 Stock

    What shocked me was the contrast in the scene. I really struggled to keep the highlights and shadows. I still have to work out how to use Agapan 25 to its full capabilities. But I have fallen in love with D76 Stock, thanks Ed.

    There was some much spray and haze in the air that the photos look soft and have a overall gray tone.
  2. You are a brave soul, but be careful!

    I like the effect on the 2nd one. You can sense the effect of the spray on the light.
  3. I love the Rodinal ones myself, Lynn - great tones.

    No....! I suspect your reaction was somewhat stronger :) 
  4. Thanks, Ed. My wife calls me nuts. I was very surprised a how much the spray in the air showed up on the film. It did not decrease the contrast, but softened the detail.


    Thanks, I am looking forward to using this film and developer more.

    I did not even make a grab for the lens, I know better. The lens I lost was probably worth $200 or so, but my life is worth way more. I was actually glad it was the lens and not me taking the plunge. Dropping 60ft into a pounding surf with boulders the size of small houses, chances of survival are real slim, in spite of only being 10 minutes from home.
  5. Point taken - you got some powerful shots from this expedition though.
  6. The action did get pretty close a few times. I am using a 20mm lens, so you know how close this is, and believe it or not, the lens did not get wet. At least the front element stayed dry.

    Nikon F2S w/ Nikkor-UD 20mm f3.5 - Agfapan 25 @ Rodinal 1+25
  7. gavin


    Oct 21, 2006
    That looks dangerous. And exciting too... Love all the rodinal ones too... that last one gives me the feeling of really being there.
  8. JoeG


    Nov 2, 2006
    Tyrol, Austria
    dramatic shots and I think BW makes them even more exciting in a way.
  9. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Nice stuff Lynn! I'm glad you had a good day at the ocean, but sorry about your lens. #2 in this post is my favorite - the light looks perfect!
  10. Thanks, Gavin.

    Joe, I was trying to capture the power and ferocity of the swell, the photos do not do the scene justice. I had thoughts of taking my digital along to get some color, but aside from not being sure the camera would have survived, there was no color to speak of. So I think B&W is the medium of choice for this scene. Thanks for your comments.


    It was a bit of a bummer, but lenses are replacable. I have 72 exposures from 3 vantages, 1 roll of Tri-X and 1 roll of Agfapan 25. I just picked the few the caught my eye to post here. I need to take the time to find my favorite. It is hard when you have some many and each is slightly different, not necessarily better or worse.

  11. I only use my D76 Stock for the last 10 years now. 1:1 never satisfied me (except only when I was really poor).

    I'd overexpose APX25 by 1/3 to 1/2 stop and keep the development the same. That's what I did when I used it now long ago. 4th pic is a good shot...
  12. Thanks, Ned. I hope I can get a better capture on the scene next time around. I will take your suggestions and try a bit of over-exposure.

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