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  1. -Hi All,

    I have a gitzo tripod question.
    because i am 1.9 meter tall i need the 3 serie of gitzo
    they offer 2 possibilities
    3 legs with a hight of about 1.5 meter and 4 legs with 1,65 meter
    1.5 meter would be ok with the rss or markins 2 balhead BUT it's going to be a bit long for hiking.
    In that case i would prefer the 4 legs wich is shorter.

    Is it that UNstable compaired with the 3 legs solution ?

    I checked the gitzo site but i also can't find the special leveler columm wich makes it much easier to level the tripod

    Could anyone point to me were i can find some more info about that one ?

    can it be used on the 3 series.

    sorry for so many question, but i want to invest just once
  2. I am about the same height. I use the 1348 (four section) and the Arca Swiss head.

    I have found it works just right for me. The three section wasn't capable of a height I wanted (camera pointed 45 degrees up, me not bent over).

    I am no expert on tripods but I would say this (rather heavy) tripod is very stable. Note that I use the rapid rise column most of the time, vs. the flat plate it comes with. I find I often need a bit of adjustability in height.

    My only complaint would be Gitzo's section joint collars. They are tricky if you want to loosen and tighten the lower sections one handed. I've noticed in some other models that Gitzo has developed a better design that effectively isolates each section so you can adjust them one handed. The trick to making the current joints in the 1348 work has been to not overtighten any of them. Plus keep them well lubricated. Still, for a relatively expensive tripod, they could do better.
  3. Alex,

    The Gitzo levelling head you are talking about is the G1321, seen here:
    This head works with the series 3 and 4 of Gitzo tripods (as a replacement for the flat plate that comes with the legs).

    Have you looked at this thread (in the same forum)? It shows my setup (G1325 + G1321) and Paul's (same with a different ball-head). Both Paul and I are in the 1.75m range, but with this setup, I have to open the last section of the 3 sections legs only half-way, or even tip-toe'ing won't do! :rolleyes:  That's one of the reasons I added the levelling head to the setup: that way the legs adjustment does not have to be precise, I can level the whole thing in just a few secs.
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  4. Thanks all for the input.
    I will try to visit a shop were they have both ( will be diffcult to find)

  5. does anyone knows whats the difference between the 1325 V and the normal 1325 ??


  6. Hi I believe it is the same as the 1327 Mk2 in which it has a centre column I have the 1327Mk2 with centre column and use it with a Wimberley head.

  7. PeterRH

    PeterRH Guest

    This place is very bad for my bank balance

    I saw this thread and have just ordered the 1325 and 1321 base.

    I'll console myself with our age-old theory that if you buy best more quickly you save money in the end.

    My wife tried that the other day on me and it didn't work....I asked her to research a baby monitor (audio only simple affair really).

    Should be a max cost of approx £50. She ended up trying to persuade me to look at the baby monitor - as briefed - plus a *special* offer of a wireless web cam to be *really* safe for only another £200......

    How can I complain? This tripod set-up will be a lot, lot, more than that.
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  8. Alex the leveling head is in the Video accessories on Gitzo site.
  9. Jez


    Jun 22, 2005
    Hi Alex,

    Did you find a tripod that suited your height? I'm 195cm and I'd like to spend more of my time upright..... :Sad:

  10. Hi jez,

    Not yet.
    I gave the manfrotto a quick try, but thats rubbisch
    I will have to go to gitzo.
    I am 190 cm and using a tripod with my rss 55 head and the d2x the top of the tripod should be around 140 cm (for you about 145 cm)

  11. Jez


    Jun 22, 2005
    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the update - I've just looked back over the thread and Beezle's reply seems to make sense. That extra height on the 1348 could well come in handy..... :rolleyes: 

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