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    A completely unknown company has just announced its entry in the FF digital race with a camera called the IB1-2.

    It is designed to provide high resolution full frame image capture with absolutely noiseless quality from ISO 5 to 50. It has a Hi sensitivity range that provides settings that go from ISO100 to 3200 with remarkably low noise and burst rates up to 24 fps for 3 minutes.

    A digital zoom feature has been added to provide 1.3x, 1.5x, 1.6x and 2x crops that will make smaller files and accommodate "DX" lenses from various manufacturers as well as lenses designed to cover the full 35mm frame. Hobbyists who have invested in DX glass will be relieved to find their lens collections will still be useful. The Australian market is also said to be primed for this feature to make fast tele lenses longer.

    In order to mount these lenses the Trolltronics IB1-2 employs a turrent that accepts up to three lenses at a time. A special mode is also rumoured to be under development that would permit shooting through all three lenses at the same time to obtain three dimensional photographs. This feature is, however, being challenged by the makers of the Stereo Realist who are planning their launch of a digital version of their classic camera in time for Christmas.

    Tim Burton is said to have ordered 350 of the newly announced IB1-2 units for shooting his new feature length film called Santa Corpse. The film will be released in time for Christmas 2010. Negotiations are underway for Canon to provide the white lenses.

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    Some of you may have seen this at DPR..For those that haven't enjoy..

    The posts are really funny as well...

    Hope you get your laugh for today. I know I did.
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