Review Trouble Shoot Blurry Image

Nov 11, 2005
Houston, TX
My thoughts for what they are worth. There is no such thing as infinite depth of focus! The Canadians in the foreground seem to me are in the sharpest focus but everything else seems to be several KM beyond, so it is unrealistic to expect them to be in focus, especially at f10. There are plenty of free to low cost focussing aid calculators online that will tell you where to focus for the "best" focus distance for whatever focal length you are shooting with and f10 aperture, will be; the "minimum" acceptable focus distance and the "farthest" acceptable focus will be. The distances for "minimum" and "farthest" are NOT symmetrical about the "best" distance.

I also suspect there is a patch of warm water between the farthest pair of birds and the buildings as the out of focus on the yellow building reminds me of the schlieren effect, which can be seen in differentially heated air or in liquids with different densities before they are mixed together (like hot water into cold or acid into water.

See here: Schlieren are optical inhomogeneities in transparent medium that are not necessarily visible to the human eye. Schlieren physics developed out of the need to produce high-quality lenses devoid of such inhomogeneities. These inhomogeneities are localized differences in optical path length that cause deviations of light rays, especially by refraction. This light deviation can produce localized brightening, darkening, or even color changes in an image, depending on the directions the rays deviate.

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