True Story!

Jan 13, 2006
Columbia, Maryland
Real Name
Walter Rowe
I am purposely leaving these as thumbnails vs inserting the images. You will come to understand why soon enough ;)

Today I drove to Piney Run Park in Carroll County (Sykesville). As I drove down to the boat launch I saw from a distance a heron standing on a pylon with its wings spread out wide and head way up in the air. It was raining so I assumed it was drying its wings. I had to get a picture of this amazing sight. I parked, mounted my telephoto lens, and carefully exited the car so as not to scare it away. I immediately snapped one picture from about 60 feet away just to prove I’d seen it. What a specimen! How lucky was I!

Once I had taken that picture, I viewed it on the LCD on the back of the camera. I zoomed into the picture to make sure it was in focus. Only then did I realize I had been fooled. When I looked at this beauty through the tiny camera view finder to compose the picture, it was not clear it was a sculpture. My naked eyes couldn’t tell it from a distance. It was gloomy and I was looking at the shady side. Once I discovered the trick my eyes had played on me I laughed so hard! At that point I took a good closeup to show the actual piece to go along with the story.

The first picture is my "careful" telephoto picture I took to prove I had seen it. It is obvious when viewed on a large computer screen that it is a piece of art. As the small thumbnail below might illustrate, in a tiny little camera viewfinder with a screen about 3/4's of an inch it was not. I was so proud I was going to get this great picture. The second picture shows a nice closeup. Its quite lovely as a piece of art.

Have a great weekend everyone! I sure will!


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