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    In going thru my hard drive looking for my best 5 photos for this thread, I came upon this shot.

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  2. Dave, I like the shot alot but wonder if the yellow border overpowers the flowers. Have you tried black? I really like these kinds of flower shots though! Yours is much better than the ones I've managed to take thus far!!
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    I first tried black and it just didn't pop... I really thought that black was going to be better but it just wasn't it.
    That was the first time I ever shot tulips not as a close up and I really liked the way the DOF worked with the Sigma 70-200 HSM EX with the 1.4 TC worked at full zoom.
    The problem I had was finding a nice patch of tulips that I could shot like that.
    I have since found another place that should be good for that kind of shot next spring.. Just can't wait till spring gets here... :smile:
    It isn't even winter yet and I am sick of snow.
  4. Dave, nice use of DOF. How was dinner Sunday night?
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    Thanks Scott...
    Dinner was very enjoyable...The D200 is very cool... Sure hope I can get one soon.