Turk's Cap Lily

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  1. We made a special trek last week to see a few specimens of a rare wild lily called "Turk's Cap". We actually saw only one in the wild, but noticed a whole bunch growing right beside the road later in the day!



    There is a story behind these photos. On this hike I took my D200 and finest lenses + tripod. I worked long and hard to get a good shot of this flower, which grows on VERY long stems and waves all around in the slightest breeze. I never got a decent shot. These were taken by my wife with her D40 + 18-200VR, handheld, in auto mode.

  2. Beth has a way of making all of our nicest gear obsolete. She took some very fine images here.
  3. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Oh how pretty
    Look like tiger lily inside out:>)))
  4. Isn't the main thing that you found them & that you experienced them. Getting any shots at all finally is just a plus I'd say.

    Nice work of the D40.

    It's not the camera - it's the pilot. My hat's off to the pilot. :)

  5. Thanks, all. I'll convey your congrats to the photographer.

    In my defense :)redface:) let me say that she was standing much further away with her 18-200VR, so the relative motion of the flower was smaller. Also, she may have gotten lucky with a brief break in the wind. :wink:
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