Two barns

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  1. While driving around on my lunch break in the Quakertown area of Pennsylvania I grabbed these two barns, wish there was a little better sky but we take what is offered.
  2. Mike, great pictures. Scenes such as these are my favorite for landscapes. The more you look at these the more you see to look at.

  3. Nice composition, Mike. Appreciates them even if the sky is a bit dull. For me, one pleasure in photography is to pull out the maximum from what mothernature is willing to give. And that is what you have done.
  4. Mike
    I like em! Number two has great colors and is a very "peaceful" image.
  5. #2 is my favorite the bright tree and the red barn with the little black and white character minding his own. Very peaceful and warm fuzzy feel to it.

    Nice job.
  6. Thanks for looking Lois I appreciate it I know what you mean about exploring a picture
  7. Thanks Dao, I am off to get a 77mm ploarizer and go back out and try it again the polarizer seems to help with shots liek these
  8. Dave
    Thanks eminds me of the Eagles tune Peaceful Easy Feeling
  9. Thanks you are the 2nd to mention peaceful and that is what I saw when I shot the picture thanks for looking
  10. I love barn shots and my fave is #2! Must be nice to have such nice scenery within driving distance to your job.
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