Two clear days in a row!!

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  1. Somewhat of an unusual situation this time of year!! Two days of crystal clear skies. Cold, by our standards ... right around freezing. Went out and grabbed a couple of shots of our nearby mountain, Rainier.

    Last evening ...

    Rainier Sunset - Version 2.

    This morning ...

    Rainier Sunrise 42-Edit.


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  2. Lovely! 2 blue days here too. Snow on Wednesday.
  3. Thanks! Yeah, we're due for rain starting this evening.

    Another treatment of sunset last evening ...
    Rainier Sunset 210.


  4. Nice captures and colouring.
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  5. Butlerkid

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    Glad you got out for the lovely photo ops! The first two, especially the second one, look great with a pano crop!
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  6. Beautiful shots - I like the 3rd best - it feels cold!
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  7. Thanks! First ... it WAS cold out there ... about 27ºF!! Second, that was kind of the feeling I was going for. :) So happy to learn that it came through.

    This image is my desktop background right now on my MacBook Pro connected to a 4k monitor. The detail I can see is amazing!! It's blows me away that I can see the individual limbs on many of the trees on the horizon. A lot of the credit goes to the D750's MP count, but this one was taken with a 30+ year old lens (Nikon 80-200 f2.8 push pull), and I'm really quite happy with the IQ!!


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  8. Binnur


    Oct 4, 2017
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    I love the morning shot. The light is on the mountains is beautiful in the evening shots.
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  9. CAJames


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    Great light, great mountain.
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  10. Beauties James. Don't get too excited it's supposed to snow on Sunday.
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  11. 6" here today, more to come Friday-Sunday, and lows on 1º on Monday/Tuesday. I guess we got complacent. The cold will affect farmers, grape growers and fruit growers a lot.
  12. Our son is at WSU ... he's thrilled with the idea of roaming around campus in the cold, ice, and snow ... ;)

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