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  1. I just got back from a short noon day walk. I took my D2H and Nikor 17-55mm f2.8 lens because I wanted to see if I could make these two flowers look decent in the bright sunlight. One is a Datura (Night Shade) and the other is a climbing rose. I have a bonus shot as well. Interested in your thoughts.

    1. Datura:
    Datura 2.

    2. Climbing Rose, I notice that focus is a little soft on this one:
    Climbing rose 2.
    3. As a bonus shot I will share this image of my neighbors house which was just finished a short time ago. They are in the process of landscaping:
    Nelson Home.

    Ten bedrooms, 7 baths, home theater, laundry room on each floor, sitting rooms on each floor, huge nursery and play room, dining room, living room, family room, three stories, plus a bonus room on the 4th floor. That is the missus coming out the front door.
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  2. Neighbors Castle, you mean!
  3. Amen.
  4. The castle now appears 3 times, and your captions are off.
    You sure caught the leading edge of the Datura. The rose is very impressionistic.
  5. Yes, I was having a little cockpit trouble.
  6. I agree with Nick..the rose looks impressionistic. For the first one I would have preferred the focus point to be in the stamen..just where my eye naturally goes. And the
  7. Thanks and you are absolutely right, I missed focus on both of them. That's what happens when you turn 83. :confused:
  8. Hey I've been missing focus for years...and I'm 15 years younger than you...
  9. :greedy:
    What a kind thought. o_O
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    Tony Saya
    The "Bonus" shot is impressive did it pass zoning laws, lol
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