Two Images - Same Flower R1C1

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  1. I hope the forum doesn’t get board with this type of image but again I feel its worthy enough to share. The b/w image has just been de-saturated with a slight tint added. The original colour version has just been slight re-sized in order to take out to mush un-wanted background/ Processed using NX2, once again using the R1C1 set up on a D3, plus 10/f2.8 macro.



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    Nice shot, like the composition. Seems a little hot on the left side. What were the flashes set at?
  3. Thanks for the comment, both were set at 1/64 power
  4. Thanks for letting us view the flower. If I may - what's the camera settings? Some of my shots - ttl and arranging the flashes (learning this stuff) till I get what I want. Most pics are hand held with two dogs tugging at the leash.

  5. Hi Mike

    This shot was taken with my D3 and a 105mm f2.8 macro lens on a tripod

    I used the R1C1 flash set up with two small Nikon flash guns attached to the lens and fired them at 1/64 power, camera was set to aperture at f18 using matrix metering. ISO was 200 and the flash units were both triggered via a SU800 in rear curtain mode.

    Hope this helps