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  1. The real problem with these is that the light was so glare-y and coming from all directions - that it was difficult to see the snow at one's feet.

    The black rocks are some sort of glassy volvanic stone and featureless in the glare.
    This was in December and brutally cold and windy, northern area of Iceland


  2. Interesting photos. Most don't make it to the northern parts of Iceland in the winter months.
    I really like #2. The sweeping diagonal lines lure you into the vast expanse you've captured. The realization that those are houses gives a great sense of scale.
    I don't care for #1. The footprints are not particularly interesting and don't lead me to any sort of focal point. Those black rocks must have been tough to capture, but in this photo there is no detail to be seen in those areas.
  3. thanks, Mitchell both for looking and talking the time to say what and why you think.

    It wasn't the cold so much as the totally brutal and constant wind.
    This was ice melt from the glaciers in the back ground
    The glare from the overcast made seeing where to walk a problem and the Icelandic attitude towards guard rails seemed overly casual.
    This was multiple miles from any rescue equipment.
    My guess was if if you fell in, you'd be fatally hypothermic before anyone got to you.


  4. I was there during a particularly balmy February. It's a beautiful country.
  5. I've been twice and it has a limited attraction compared to the rest of my list.
    Once I can travel again, I will be going to Cuba then Rajasthan in India, then China.
  6. No glacial caves in Cuba!
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  7. #1 cropped with the horizon down in the lower 15% would really emphasize the glorious sky! #2 is amazing, and the longer you view it the more amazing it gets when you notice the tiny houses and the immensity of the viewscape hits you!

    And with landscapes like the next 2, who needs processed selective color when you have the real thing in front of you!
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