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  1. The first is a powerful composition but the color doesn't quite sit right with me. The second I love--so much going on but so well orchestrated into a great shot--from using the limited color to placing the figure so well between dry land and the horizon. Love the black beach!
  2. thanks, Nick.
    This black sand beach is on the southeastern shore of Iceland outside of glacier lagoon.
    Those are small bergs that have calved from glacier.
    The beach is loose black sand and I saw this person shooting down the beach.
    I jogged towards him/her stopping every few steps to get a shot before they folded up and went away.
    The one above is the best shot, I think.


    Later we flew to Akuyriri (sp?) in the north, rented a 4 wheel drive and drive around a lot.
    Lots of empty up there. The Google earth shot was clearly in the summer because most of the interior was snow-covered and lots of roads and tunnels closed.

    Google Earth

    The larger calves don't seem to get into the channel out. The one below is about the size of a bus above water. The outflow seemed quite strong when we were there. Water seemed quite heavy and was very cold (obviously.)

  3. Really like #2. I would like #1 better if the camera position was in the middle of the road rather than the left lane.
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