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Two new lenses from Nikon!

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by vinman, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. With all the excitement about the anticipated D700 and SB900, I thought somebody should come in here and post the news about the two new lenses also announced...

    45mm and 85mm f2.8 PC-E Micro Nikkors

    Not sure how much drool these might generate with all the hope for a re-release of the 28/1.4 and some retooling of a few AF-S lenses, but they're new and exciting, nonetheless...
  2. cotdt


    Jul 14, 2007
    Bay Area, USA
    not sure if the D700 is compatible with the new PC-E lenses
  3. Why wouldn't they be?
  4. SMH77


    Feb 11, 2006
    Actually, these really aren't 'new product' announcements as they were already announced at the bottom of the 24mm PC-E page during the PMA announcement then...

    I'm very glad to see the full lineup of TS lenses though. It's a good time to shoot Nikon for sure!

    Perhaps I'll replace one of my D3's and buy my wife the road bike that she's been wanting...

  5. cotdt


    Jul 14, 2007
    Bay Area, USA
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  6. Dear Mr Nikon

    Where are my fast AF-S primes updated for digital sensors?



  7. Uh....yeah. What he said.
  8. Probably in the box with the D3x and 70-200 VR mark II for around photokina :biggrin:
  9. could someone

    explain to me why Nikon is focusing on PC lenses ? I imagine the market for these are very limited, I mean most pros and prosumers are not going to spend this kind of money for a lens designed for very specific applications. I just don't get it. They could make a killing redesigning primes, etc, but PC lenses ????

  10. Pray for me
  11. Regardless of lack of mass appeal (their appeal isn't quite as limited as you might think though) PC lenses are extremely important for some types of photography and for some time there has been an outcry from this vocal group to get a new set of PC lenses. It's equally important when trying to lure customers from Canon, who also has a nice set of perspective control lenses (TS-E 24L, 45, 90) who have come to rely on the features in the lenses.

    People buy into the Nikon system overall, not just one body one lens.
    It's quite possible that they were also able to develop these *faster* than the new faster primes, thus they make it to market faster as well. The lower volumes means not as much of a production ramp and streamlining would be required compared to something with a larger market.

    Guy, I'm praying for us both. Shooting at ISO 12800 with a 24-70 is great and all, but I'd like to do that with a 35/1.4 in 1/4 the light, thanks.
  12. Amen to that, Brother Harrison :biggrin:
  13. What he said x 2........
  14. Ron S

    Ron S Guest

    I 3rd that, I know PC lenses have use, but imagine if they not only re-designed the primes, but started making more lenses AF-S and/or with VR in them. I'd love an 18-135 with VR that was still as sharp as the current one.
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'd bet that PC lenses were the oldest "primes" that Nikon did, so it could just be a beginning.. This is what I find on pbase...


    28 PC = 1981 >>> 24 PC-E = 2008
    35 PC = 1968/75> still missing
    55 PC = 1963 >>> 45 PC-E = 2008
    85 PC = 1999 >>> 85 PC-E = 2008 (here I guess it's just because the older one wouldn't have been on pair with other lenses with PC-E diaphagm)

    That said, oldest primes are:
    105 F/2 DC (1993)
    60 F/2.8 micro (just replaced) 1993 >>> 2007
    85 F/1.8 (1994)
    20 F/2.8 (1994)
    28 F/1.4 (1994)
    180 F/2.8 (1994)
    35 F/2 (1995)
    50 F/1.4 (1995)
    85 F/1.4 (1995)
    135 F/2 DC (1995)

    So this is my bet:
    among the first primes to be released there will be a 35, a 50 and a 85 lens, then all the rest. I'm not sure if Nikon will invest on primes equal or wider than 20mm (maybe just a 18-20 but nothing else) due to the presence of such monsters which are 17-35 and 14-24.
    Not sure on a 28 soon just because of the contemporary presence of the close 24 PC-E lens. If any, it will be a F/2 lens as the 85 above.
    Besides, having bet on PC lenses, maybe Nikon could release (forward in the future some other newer DC lenses, but here's just a hope and nothing more)
  16. SMH77


    Feb 11, 2006
    What Harrison said, plus:

    These Tilt-Shift lenses expand the current Nikon lens lineup whereas updating the primes only updates the existing lineup. The primes are available and they represent a possible solution. The lack of Tilt Shift lenses did not exist, thus there was no Nikon-sourced option if you needed them.

    The Tilt and Shift features are actually quite useful once you appreciate what they can do. The applications run from architecture, landscape, macro (dof is so razor thin that tilting is a VERY practical application here), as well as portraiture (think of shooting a portrait near the muzzle of a gun for a product shot where you want the entire gun in focus and it's perpendicular to the sensor plane for example). Once you experience Tilt and shift, you start to think more broadly on where it can be applied.

    With all that said, I too welcome the announcement when updated primes will be released. To me, it would have made more sense to release the Tilt-Shift lineup with the D3X as a 'landscape/studio' lineup and release the updated fast primes with the D3 / D700 announcements as a 'low light' setup. Obviously Nikon felt differently.

    Either way, they'll come--and I'm sure it's not far away now that they've taken care of everything else...

    Hang in there...

  17. JimboJones

    JimboJones Guest

    Same could be said for Canon why release a 800mm f5.6 the market for those is so limited the 200mm f/2 is a good addition but still not really a money making lenses and over priced considering Nikon has the same lens for $1500 less at least Nikon has the best camera bodies out at the present leaving everyone drolling :smile:
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