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Two new ospreys get ID

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Anthony747, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. Hi All!
    Last Friday I was lucky to get invited to photograph juvenile ospreys getting banded. The little ankle cuffs carry an identification number and can provide experts with information about migration, where they were born and age. In my state the ospreys are listed as “threatened” by the Division of Fish and Wildlife.

    Getting to the nest (man-made platform) was down a trail through pine trees, past reeds and out into a sea of soggy salt hay. Our Park Ranger Jeanne Heuser climbed a 20’ ladder and brought the first chick down from the perch. I’ve never seen an osprey so close up before and they’re stunning, the piercing orange eyes and the beautiful cream and brown feathers…beautiful.

    The first young was faring better than the other. The second one brought down was entangled with a plastic bag; it was around its wing and leg and fortunately was removed. The plastic was impeding its digestion and we save this guy’s life (see the last set of photos).

    Thanks for looking…can’t wait for next year!

    First one from the perch

    Not strong enough yet to flap these monster wings!

    Getting ready for its ID

    What a beautiful bird!

    Back to its home

    This poor thing did a lot of suffering all wrapped in plastic

    The knotted plastic that wrapped around him and the damage

    All cleaned up!

    Banded and ready for his nest
  2. Anthony Nice series on the banding. We band about 95% of out eagles and I can tell you I can see ospreys would be a lot eaiser. The plastic is another thing, luscky to find it as ospreys pick up everything for a nest. I have never heard of any state placeing the osprey on a threatened list. What state is this?
    www.loubuscher.com (Eagles of N.Y)
  3. Cool beans Anthony. Thanks for sharing these. I want one of these for a pet. *-)
  4. Great series and informative as well
  5. Excellent series!
  6. Niecy

    Niecy Guest

    WOW this is a great series of shots. Informative and interesting to see. Thanks for sharing

    RAURICK Guest

    Great shots! Thanks for sharing.
  8. bfjr

    bfjr Guest

    good story and photos to go with it

    really dig that vertical wing shot, wow what a spread !
  9. Anthony, I showed my husband your shot on DPR. He wanted to know more about the plastic etc & I told him you didn't share that part. Well, here it is so now I'll show him.

    Love the second shot

  10. Thank you Lou, Mike, Gary, Alex, Juanice, Raurick and Ben!

  11. Hi Lil, I felt so bad for that osprey, the plastic was wrapped tightly around him. He must be feeling great today without that extra packaging!

  12. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Wow that poor baby
    Say they are not small at all. Those are BIG babies.

    They are beautiful. Colors of the feathers and eyes are gorgeous.
    What a wonderful opportunity.
    That gal is great with the birds.
    So glad they rescued it from the plastic.

    Guess I will stop using plastic bags. Not that I let them fly away.
    When I move OFF the third floor walk up
    I have several cloth carry bags to use from the grocery store.

    Thanks also for the wake up call.

    Your images are wonderful. I bet you took a boat load of them

    Please share more if you would like to.
  13. Thanks Gale!

  14. Hi All, I stopped by the NJ state park today where I shot these photographs of juvenile ospreys getting banded back in July only to be informed that this very same osprey that had its wing wrapped in plastic was unable to fledge because it had plastic wrapped around its leg!

    One of the rangers viewing in a scope noticed this osprey trying to lift off but was incapable. They climb the nest only to find the rubber strap attached to an oxygen mask was wrapped around its leg and the nest! They also found in the nest flip flop slippers, fishing line, and a few plastic bags. They did some nest cleaning to remove the plastic.

    Good news is that he was able to fledge. It’s funny and sad what ospreys use as their nesting material…or is it us helping them?

  15. Gandalf


    Nov 15, 2006
    Beautiful series of shots, Anthony! Which camera and lens? Tripod?
  16. Hey Mike, a most excellent series.
  17. Hi Bill, The camera was the D200 and the lens was the Nikkor 35mm f/2...great lens!

    Thanks, Anthony
  18. Hi Louis, I think you mean me Anthony...correct? :) 

  19. WOW what an opportunity you had to get these shots. You really covered the event great. Beautiful pictures and a wonderful detailed story to go with them. Congratulations on a job well done.
  20. Hi James, Yes it was a rare opportunity, looking forward to next year!

    Thanks, Anthony
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