U10 Girls Soccer

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  1. I'm still trying to get the hang of action photography. Here's a few from this weekend. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.




  2. Great color & action. These are definitely keepers. Really like #1, I guess because it's a little different.

    I would crop tighter. #1 is a tad hot on the skin, maybe compensate with a little -ev comp. Say start at -.3 and go up from there if need be. Would help with the hot on her skin.

    I like them a lot. Way to go!!
  3. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    These look real good to me Jeff. Jim offers some good advice and they should help you improve.:wink:
  4. Jim,

    Cropping question - would you lose the ball and keep close to the 2x3 aspect ratio, or would you go more square?
  5. Thanks. I still feel my "hit-ratio" is too low.
  6. They look good as Jim said tighter crops woudl help isolate the kids and eliminate any noisy backgrounds. When shooting keep an eye on your blinkies and histogram to elminate any hot spots. You have the tough part down, follwing the action the rest are just minor adjsutments
  7. Raul_T


    Apr 29, 2007
    DFW, Texas
    Most definitely KEEP the ball the picture. There are extremely few circumstances where the expression alone of the player is good enough to keep the picture, unless of course, they're of your own kid, then there all keepers :biggrin:

    ...and of course, jub shots won't have the ball.

    I use a 4x6 portrait crop as most of my parents print that size. Most of my pics I crop just above the top of the head and just below the bottom of the ball and/or boot, whatever is on the ground. I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of using your picture to illustrate this example.


    If I have 2 players wide and they both have their arms extended, then I'll crop left to right and crop just at the finger tips of one player to the finger tips of the other player. This is a pic I took last weekend in a U10 game. (This is not the best picture, as it is grainy and I just missed the focus, but I remember having it from this past weekend so it was easy to find to illustrate left to right cropping.)


    I hope this helps.
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  8. very good...perfect dof and nice background blur
    i might tighten the crops some in all directions

  9. i never crop out the ball but for #1 i would crop out some sky

    i hope u don't mind:

  10. Jeff,
    Seems folks have different philosophies on this question. I crop to a 5x7 ratio myself. Others crop to 2x3. Others square. Others to just whatever makes the picture look great and seem not to adhere to any standard aspect ratio. But if I have learned anything from others here, for images that the parents like, you just can't crop too tight (the tighter the better). It seems that recently that it's even allowed in some circles to take the top of the head off, arms off (never crop @ a joint), feet off, etc. If it makes the image better. Mike Mac's work is an example of this.

    IMHO, always try to keep the ball if possible, unless you really have some wonderful facial expressions that don't need the ball to communicate your capture.

    Heck Jeff. I'd give my right arm to have the keeper rate of some of the better folks on here. But they do it much more than I. It does take a tremendous amount of practice and experience to get the keeper rate up. Folks like eng45ine, Mike Mac, RandyNikonCafe, Acena, Topher, Niknd501 and many others are folks here you should study and listen to.

    But hey. Please keep them coming. I do absolutely love them. Like Mike Mac said, you have the hard part down pat. Just the "technicals" to go.

    Best Wishes & get out there and shoot!!
  11. Got it. Thanks, good tips. That's what I was looking for.
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