U11 and U13 Lacrosse in Florida

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  1. Took to the fields last Saturday in sunny Florida to use my new Nikon D500. They are all ISO800. First 2 are Shutter Priority at 1/3000@f/11 with Nikon 18-300. Last one is 1/2000@f/10. Little to no post.

    DOC_0220. DOC_0320. DOC_0130b.
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  2. Great to see some lacrosse action. Thanks for posting these.
    I'm curious why you chose the apertures on these shots. The busy backgrounds would have been handled better with a wider aperture. Not much you can do on a busy field, but shooting as wide open as possible does help.
  3. As I get accustomed to the speed of the camera (this was first day using it, and it is FAST), I might do that. This first outing though I picked a speed that would certainly stop the action in Shutter Priority, and let the camera pick the aperture. 1/3000 was a bit of overkill, as was ISO800, but I'm happy with the color and sharpness for a first shoot. Also, the 18-300 doesn't have great bokeh, it is already getting a bit nasty in these. If you look at where the focus drops off behind the players, that's what I typically set up for.
  4. I was thinking the same as Mitch, good action shots.

  5. Thanks!

    There is a post over on the Sony side about my unhappiness with the A6500 for these same kind of shots. I'm left-eyed and wear glasses, a left corner viewfinder was giving me far too much side glare to see the EVF well. The D500 was my solution.
  6. Interesting issue with the EVF. Had you considered trying your existing D750? At the focal length you shot these, you really did not need the distance gained by the DX body crop factor. I wonder if you would have been better off to spend some money on better glass like a used 70-200mm, f2.8. That lens on your D750 may have produced better results.
  7. Yes on the D750, and I could probably have lived with it. In that case, I didn't want to run up the exposures (400-800+ a day at tournaments with two sons and friends kids, too) on the body I use for work most days. I really like being able to pull back on the 18-300 to get a 28mm equiv. when the players are close to me running the sidelines. Never cared for 70-200s particularly. I have a 70-300VR for FF but rarely use it. During the week I shoot mostly people for executive profiles or human interest stories, or restaurants and food. My kids' sports is a just a way to enjoy the day, and share some pics with friends. The convenience of schlepping one small bag and one lens is more important to me than a more slightly blurred background. The only thing I miss from using the D750 is the crop-ability, but the D500 files held up pretty well. It surprised me.

    ...and I do stop down a bit. I know and sit with the families for every kid on our team on the sidelines. More than a few times I've cropped a file to isolate their kid when he wasn't the emphasis of the original shot. These aren't for Sports Illustrated, they're to share with family and friends, and to do so with the least amount of gear (but still real gear...).

    I choose shutter-priority because I like to freeze the dirt coming off of their cleats, their sticks and uniforms, and their feet and hands, and the ball.
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  8. Well, you certainly got some better shots than the mom next to you with her iphone. Just for giggles, take your 85mm to the next game and shoot it wide open on your D500.
  9. Okay. Done here. Wasn't after advice, just sharing. Thanks anyway.
  10. Really? I'm sorry if I offended you. With your list of gear, I thought we could have a reasonable discussion instead of just saying "Nice pics!".
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