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Critique Unhappy Human

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by Dayo, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. Got this shot while doing a shoot but alas, the human subject was not happy that I missed her gazing back loving at Bertha the Dog!

    Fair point but I still thought it is a decent image nonetheless. Thoughts?

    Nikon D850 @ ISO 400
    AF Nikkor 35-70mm f/2.8D @ 70mm
    1/80 @ f/4
    ON1 PhotoRAW
    AC-0-EH_ON1-B small.jpg
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    Last edited: Jan 6, 2018
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  2. Excellent capture of a dog's connection with its human!
  3. I agree. Wonderful capture, Dayo!
    The connection is clearly there, if only suggested from the human side.
    This makes the image especially about Bertha and her attachment to her human friend.
    In this context, have you thought about cropping to remove the other dog in the background to the right?
  4. Wonderful capture of the dog!

    I can easily imagine that circumstances beyond the frame might have made it difficult to include the human's face in a worthwhile composition.

    Consider Bart's suggested crop as well as cropping on the left to exclude the bracelet. Also consider toning down the hand, as it is so plain and bright that it pulls my eye away from the dog.
  5. Thanks!

    Did initially consider crops but felt trying the crop out the dog to the right did not really "remove" the dog so to speak while from the right removed too much of the human subject.

    I felt that given the missing face, I needed to leave enough of the person to generate a certain "presence". Same applies to the hand. Happy to see attempts at such crops posted though!
  6. Striking photo of the pooch.
  7. Your thinking makes all sorts of sense to me, Dayo. Though I'm inclined to think cropping out part of the person would still leave enough of her to tell the story being told, I don't know for sure because I haven't tried making the crop.
  8. Crops are my biggest nightmare, but let's see if this captures some of the above comments:

    AC-0-EH_ON1-B small_DxO.jpg
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  9. I like reducing the brightness of the hand so much that I now feel no need to crop it on that side.

    Your nightmares apparently are so mild that one could reasonably call them dreams. :) 
  10. No wonder I'm sleeping in better these days---I'd originally put it down to retirement :rolleyes: 
  11. I was considering to crop even further than Nick.
    But not on the left hand side.
    I did however did some dodging on the arm, the pattern on the sleeve and the "remaining" part of the other dog as well.

    AC-0-EH_ON1-B small-2.jpg
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  12. Bart's version looks best of all to me. So far. :ROFLMAO: 
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  13. Thanks for the contributions. Bart’s effort, building on Palouse’s, does look good indeed.
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  14. Yeah, I like what Bart did. Gutsy!
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  15. Very meaningful image Dayo, you caught the connection very nicely. I think Bart's edit solved all issues.
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