Update to my screensaver


Mar 18, 2005
I've made an improvement to the screensaver I offer fellow photographers for free. Feel free to ask for it by sending me email:


The Problem: When you are displaying the path while the screen saver is running, sometimes an image is very bright where the path overlays the image and then you can’t read the path. This is annoying, especially when you are using the screensaver as an image viewer and you are especially interested in where the image is in your system.

The Solution: If the sequencing of images is currently paused (for whatever reason) and you press the Pause key, the font displaying the path is rewritten to the screen in black. This should let you read the path against a very bright background. Pressing Pause again will restore display of the path to its currently active brightness level, or press the Right-Arrow key to start sequencing through your images again with the path displayed at the active brightness level.

If you are not displaying image paths, none of this has any effect.

I also fixed some bugs related to usage of the F1 key: all keyboard commands are now disabled while the F1 help screen is displayed, except the Right-Arrow key.

If you don't know what I'm talking about and don't know what my screensaver is, I still invite you to ask for it. You can read about it and see its Settings dialog in the following pbase link:


I've sent this to hundreds of satisfied "customers" (and a very few who couldn't get it to run right away, but I was able to help most of them get off the ground).
Jan 26, 2005
Viera Fl
Thank You very much Frank,

I will send for a request. :>))

So nice of you to do this...
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