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updating OSX

Discussion in 'Apple/Mac' started by bmiller, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. My wifes new laptop has Leopard 10.2 installed. After checking the update link, there are numerous software updates available. The biggest being the Mac combo update to OSX 10.5.4. Is there any trick to doing these updates that i should know about. I've downloaded them from work and they are on a memory stick. The combo update is a wopping 587 Mb. The rest range from 5-60 Mb. I've updated windows many times, and they self install. I assume there is little difference with the Mac.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. gadgetguy11


    Nov 16, 2005
    The OSX update goes very smoothly. You should be set!
  3. You can only update (for free) to any 10.2.x.

    To get to 10.5.4 you would have to buy 10.5 (Leopard first.) Check here.
  4. as Allan said
    you've missed the last 3 major apple updates
    you can go RIGHT TO LEOPARD, skipping TIGER, etc
  5. SmilesLots

    SmilesLots Guest

    Did you mean your wife's laptop has 10.5.2 vs 10.2? Maybe some confusion there for us. If it's a new laptop it may well have 10.5.2, in which case upDATING to 10.5.4 is recommended and is a breeze as was stated. If it is 10.2, then again as stated the upGRADE will cost $.
  6. nu2scene


    Sep 27, 2007
    Las Vegas
    Think of OS X as an operating system. OS X can be thought of as the equivalent of Windows. The first decimal (10.1 to 10.2 to 10.3) is a major revision in the operating system. It would be like going from Windows 3 to windows 95 to 98 to ME to XP etc. That kind of upgrade.

    Apple does continue to update the older versions so you will be able to update the older versions to a point. If you have 10.2 on your computer, the software updater will scan your computer and let you know if can update 10.2. So if you do have 10.2, the computer will let you know when 10.2.1 or 10.2.2 etc are available. The second decimal point updates go up to about .9 or point 10. So for 10.2 it would go up to OS X 10.2.9 or OS X 10.2.10. But it won't let you move on to 10.3 or 10.4 or 10.5 without first buying up to that next major decimal point upgrade.

    If your computer is new, you probably have OS X 10.5 on it. If you do have 10.5, just run the software updater and it will let you know if there is an update. Also let each computer check if it needs an update on it's own. Each computer will be different. The updates are custom to each computer. Don't download an update on one computer, put it on a memory stick, and then add it to a different computer. You'll get in trouble doing that. Let each computer check for it's own updates, and then download them directly to that computer.

    Some tips on updating. BEFORE you actually update and install anything some people say to back up everything just in case things get wonky after the update. Also before updating it might be nice to repair your permissions. Or even better, run some sort of maintenance program like Onyx, just to clean things up. Also some people feel that to be safe you should not touch your computer while the download is happening.

    I'm no expert but here's what I do.
    1. Clone my entire hard drive over to an external HD. It's bootable so if something goes wrong with the upgrade I have a bootable copy of my entire HD to work off of.

    2. Run Onyx which is a maintenance program to clean things up.

    3. Re-boot the computer.

    4. Start downloading the update.

    5. Check to see how long the update will take. It will estimate the duration for you.

    6. Walk away from the computer for that long. Don't even touch the mouse or keyboard.

    7. After it's totally downloaded come back and see if you need to do anything else to install it.

    8. Repair permissions again.

    9. Re-boot.
  7. exactly how I do it
    well written....
    just perfect

  8. My mistake. It was 10.5.2 and the updates went smoothly. I installed the OSX update first and then all the others. No problem at all. I'm impressed so far. I want to update my own desktop next year before i retire early. A mac pro is in the cards at this point.
    Thanks again.
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