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"Upgrade" from D100 to D2H?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DAVE VAN, Mar 2, 2005.



    Feb 22, 2005
    New Jersey
    I have to admit that with the price reduction on the D2H, I have been considering making the jump and replacing my D100. I know this has been discussed adnausium on the DPR forums But I know that some of you here have made the move and I would like to know your feelings on the move. I am a little concerned with all the failures I have heard about with the metering system on the D2H. I would like to have a more "PRO" body and I also would like better metering than the D100 has as well as a faster shooting rate than the D100. I am not really concerned with noise issues. To those who have made the switch, how do the two cameras compare ergonomically?
    How is it to lug a D2H around all day as compared to a D100? I would appreciate and honest opinion and whether this camera would fit my style of shooting. Please take a look at my pbase galleries to judge.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005

    All I can say is look at the results on mine and Harris's web sites before and after our upgrades to the D2H (mine from a D70, Harris from a D100). IMO, there is no comparison when it comes to getting action shots, and many feel that the overall picture quality is better, even for other types of shooting.

    Even if you do little shooting of sports or moving animals, then you will still see the improvements in the ergonomics, ruggedness, ability to focus non-AFS lenses quickly, etc. Maybe it's for you, maybe not, but I wouldn't go back for anything.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Breedoni


    Jan 27, 2005
    Last year in April I went to the local camera store to pick up the brand new D70. As I was waiting, there was another guy demo'ing the D2H. He set it down on the counter and I picked it up. This grin spread across my face followed by an Oh ****...6 months later the D70 was history and I had my D2H. Carrying it around Italy for 12+ hours a day WITH the 80-400 was not that big a deal, but last weekend at Merritt Island with the 500 and tripod...made you glad the car wasn't that far away.
  4. I agree flew. There is a difference between the two. I have been considering upgrading from my D70 to a D2H. Not real sure what to ask for my D70 with the kit lens. There are so many different prices out there on the web.
  5. While I still have my D100, I did purchase the D2H in January of this year. I rarely use the D100 now and love the feature rich D2H. True it has some extra weight but to me it is worth it.
  6. Hey Dave,

    I did exactly that, went from a D100 to a D2H. The D2H is very ergonomic and easy to hold. The weight and bulk difference is substantial, or at least it was for me. Lugging it around all day is as easy as the D100, it's very easy to hold casually or hanging off your shoulder (I wouldn't walk around with it around my neck). It's also a more "visible" camera.

    Looking at your Pbase images, you would benefit most from the metering, wb selections and 8fps. Beware though, there is a learning curve going from the D100 to the D2H and it isn't as forgiving as the D100 is. For instance, I went from shooting a D100 using Cloudy -2 to using Kelvin values on the D2H. Except for flash, it's all I use now (I'm not that great at it but practicing all the time).

    Anyway, if you are as comfortable with the D100 as I was then I believe you'll find your images improving with the D2H.

    Or you can wait until May and see what the D200 looks like... (if the rumors are true).

  7. Same here. Also bought my D2H this past january.

  8. Have a D-100 and a D2H

    I got my D-100 shortly after they came out, about three years ago. I immediately got the MB-100 battery pack/grip. I loved the camera and took many great pictures with it. I then made the mistake of picking up a D-2H shortly after they came out. I was hooked, but thought the $s was just more than I could justify, even though it was "love at first sight".

    The day Nikon droped the price to $1995, mine was on order from B&H. I have found that the weight and size of the D-2H vs the D-100/MB-100 to be almost the same. So carrying the D2H around is no change for me.

    I kept the D-100/MB-100 as a spare body, but can truthfully say, it has never even had a lens attached to it since the D2H arrived.

    If you can find a good D2H (see the equipment for sale on this forum) buy it. If you want a new one, don't wait to long, because the dealers are almost sold out of the $1995 ones. You'll never be sorry, that is unless you lust for a D2X. I'm not ever going to pick one up, at least for a year<<GGG>>

  9. Larry Gleason

    Larry Gleason

    Jan 26, 2005
    Do the D2H and you won't look back! I base that on having the D1X. I swapped with a D100 owner one afternoon at a zoo (using our own cards) and I it was a big difference. The D100 owner? He got wowed on the D1X.
  10. NeilCam


    Feb 21, 2005
    Ottawa, Ontario

    You've got me practicing speeches .... "Honest honey, it's really really necessary." etc etc etc

  11. A meaningful upgrade for me


    The D2h is certainly an upgrade. It made me a better photographer by allowing me to focus on the subject matter and not fumble with the camera or miss shots due to shutter lag, slow focus, poor focus in low light, etc.

    The D2h offered a brighter 100% view of the shot, superb focus speed AND accuracy (yes a D2h will focus more accurately which is critical IMO since 200 MP blurry is useless while 4 MP sharp is a 20x30 print), super fast response time (almost no shutter lag and 8 fps when needed - more important is quick "normal firing" at 1 fps without having to pause for the buffer to clear as with the D100), better metering and WB, better out of the box color, sharper pixels for equal if not better enlargements, I could go on.

    There's no looking back from a D2h after a D100.


  12. DAVE VAN


    Feb 22, 2005
    New Jersey
    Camera Failures..........

    Have any of you had a problems with the metering failures or auto-focus issues?
    This is the only thing that worries me as the D100 has a history of being basically problem free. If you read the DPR forums it seems as every D2H breaks after about 2 months. It will be a hard enough sell with my wife as it is to upgrade let alone have the camera break after a couple of months :oops: 
    Thanks for all of your replies so far.
  13. Re: Camera Failures..........

    No I haven't but the camera is only two months old. It does seem that a greater number of failures have been coming from Cameta though. They sell "new demos" whatever that is. I would buy one with the highest serial number as possible. Avoid used ones if you are concerned about failures. Mine starts with s/n 103 and I have heard of at least 104. The problem was a circuit board. Some folks at DPRreview have had their camera repaired free even out of warranty. This "problem" wasn't a factor in my choosing to buy the D2H.

    Few mechanical devices are perfect from their first model. I had a $32,000 Mazda RX7 (1992) which really had problems.

  14. DAVE VAN


    Feb 22, 2005
    New Jersey
    Thanks Rich...

    I actually was thinking of buying from Cameta. I got my D100 from them as a "demo" and it was undetectable from a new one. I believe what these cameras are, are returned items that are serviced by Nikon. "refurbs"
    I was thinking it may actually be safer buying one of these as hopefully the "bugs" are worked out. Does anyone else have any comments on this?
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