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Upgrade from D70 to D200?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by clickcanada, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. I am having fun with my D70 and it still works and looks like a new camera, however I am finding that I am really wanting a body with better ISO capabilities quite often as the D70 is usable upto about ISO400 in most cases and that is about it.
    With the D200 now discontiued and a lot of folks selling of their D200's for a D300 or D700, I can pick up a D200 for a great price. But is the D200 much better at higher ISO, enough to make the investment worth while? Should I just hold off for a little while and pick up a D300 as their prices start to fall? I know there are several other benifits that the D200 has over the D70, but better ISO I think would be my #1 need for a new body.

    What to do, what to do...............:redface:
  2. Hold off for the D300!! :smile:

    For indoor dog events, the D200 will be lacking, I assure you.
  3. cotdt


    Jul 14, 2007
    Bay Area, USA
    D200 is only $999 brand new now
  4. The thing is that I will have to wait several months to go with a D300, a D200 I could do now.
  5. I know, I can pick up a very nice used one for about $650 with less than 4,000 clicks. Very tough to pass over that kind of deal.
  6. this is me

    this is me

    Feb 10, 2007
    I would wait for a little longer. By the end of the month, the D700 will be out and for those who are upgrading from a D300 to a D700, they will be selling them used for pretty cheap(assuming they don't want to keep both format).
    I'm starting to see a lot of used D300 on the for sale forum already.
  7. For $650, it my be a good step up, however understand that the usable high ISO tops out at about 640 with the D200. If you're willing to experiment with Noise Ninja, you can push it a little higher, but high ISO is NOT the D200s strong suit.

    The D200 is a wonderful camera, though. Stick a KatzEye focus screen in it, and it'll be bright and should last you a really long time. I'm keeping mine unless the ergonomics are just so good on the D700 that I have to go to a D300 as a back-up/DX frame. The D200 will become my son's main camera regardless...

    That's a good point regarding the D700/D300 above. There will likely be a sudden glut of D300s hitting the market between now and late August. That should drive down used 300 prices for at least a short time...
  8. But when you aren't happy with the high ISO, the D200 will be worth even less to re-sell in order to buy a D300.

    I did no like much above ISO 800 with my D200, and even that was kinda grim. So that gives you one stop more than you have now. The D300 is great to ISO 1600, and still passable at 3200. So that gives you 2-3 stops more light, and a better focusing system with far more points of focus available.

    To shoot dogs, you'll want high ISO ability, ability to move that red box around (focus/recompose doesn't work with speedy subjects, or the shallow DOF that you'll have when shooting wide open), and a solid focusing system.

    $650 is a good deal, but will you be happy with the camera in 6mos, or will you be wanting more? At that point, the D200 may only be worth $500.

    Having gone D70 - D200 - D3, and having had the D70 for 3yrs, the D200 for 13mos.......I highly recommend waiting for the D300, you will NOT regret it! :smile: There have been some pretty good deals on D300's for sale here on the forum. :smile:
  9. Hmm, max ISO of about 640. Not a whole lot better than the D70. And as that is my main criteria for making the investment, then it is likely not worth making the change. I will just have to keep saving and watch the D300 used market closely. I know that the D200 is a great camera (they would not have sold so many if it wasn't), but for what I am looking for it might not be the best choice.

    Thanks for the advice all, much appreciated.

    Makes perfect sense Gretchen, thanks for your input. I forgot about the new focusing system on the D300, that would be very handy for tracking the dog in flight.
  10. If I still had mine, I'd send it off to you to use until you saved for the D300 (and I'd require weekly doggie photos in return!) :biggrin:
  11. Yeah, if high ISO is your primary goal, the 200 may not give you a lot of bang for the buck. I may be totally wrong, but I predict some careful shopping might get you a used D300 for around $1300 - at least over the next few months while people are unloading them for D700s. The prices for new ones have dropped to the point where I think you may see some used ones around $1300. Again, I may be totally wrong...
  12. If you want to feel nostalgic for a few weeks and go back to your D70, I will gladly keep your D3 busy!:cool: 
  13. I have already seen many D300's for sale for $1500, I would think that the $1300 mark is not too far off. I am patient about a lot of things, but when it comes to gadgets, it is hard to resist (oh so hard :cool: )
  14. I did a thread about exactly this about a month ago and got some pretty good replies that helped push me over the edge and get a D200.

    Click here to read the thread.
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  15. I understand, I'm the same way. But ya won't get these kind o' shots with the D200. :smile: These would be drowning in noise with the D200.

    ISO 1600
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    ISO 800
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  16. I would wait until the D700 is out before making the decision to buy another body, then I would buy the D300 over the D200. The D300 has much higher ISO range capability than the D200. You will also see the price drop for new and used D300 bodies; from stores trying to reduce their D300 stock and from current D300 users desiring/needing to upgrade to the D700.

    I don't know what you own but have you considered upgrading your lenses and/or buying a speedlight? Pro lenses have longer usable life and hold their resale value longer than camera bodies. Prices for used SB-600 or 800 speedlights will go down when the new SB-900 hits the street.

    Good luck.
  17. Thanks for the link Justin, very helpfull to see some of the other advantages the D200 has over the D70. How are you liking your D200 now that you have had it a few weeks?

    As for my other gear, I have been slowly collecting some faster glass and now have a Sigma 18-50 f/2.8 and Nikon 85 f/1.8 along with the Sigma 10-20. I have a SB-600 but for much of the situations I get my self into a flash is not an option (spooks the dogs :tongue:) . I am hoping that a Sigma 50-150 f/2.8 is in my future, that will help with my reach.
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