Upgrade my 18-135 lens

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  1. I have a D40X and would like to upgrade my 18-135 lens. I already have the 70-300VR. Would like to be able to have something with some "macro" ability. What I mean is I would like the lens to have a closer focus distance than the 18-135. Any suggestions.

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    Jul 30, 2008
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    Why not keep the 18-135mm and go for a dedicated macro lens? I just picked up a tamron 90mm for relatively inexpensive used and have been pretty happy with it thus far...
  3. I had an 18-135 with my D40 and ending up selling it for my Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 HSM and 1:3.5 macro. I definitely thought it was a worthy upgrade, especially if you've already got something for the long end. The HSM works pretty good with the 3-point AF on the D40/x, but in low light or things that aren't really "contrasty" the right and left point would hunt a little bit.
  4. Thanks ,keep the suggestions coming. Any pics with the Sigma 18-50 you can show me.What about the Sigma AF 17-70mm . I know its not a constant 2.8.

  5. Not too sure about the 17-70, I wouldn't go with any of Sigma lenses that aren't in the EX line. Also if you want to auto focus you'll need Nikkor AF-S or AF-I lenses or Sigma HSM lenses. I think some newer Tamron's have in-lens focus motors as well but they don't designate them.

    Here's one from when I had my D60, I think active d-lighting was off so it should give you a good idea of what it can do with your D40x:

    Here's a few from my D90 that I truly love: