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Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Allan, May 15, 2017.

  1. I am thinking of upgrading from my 16-35 to either the 14-24 or the Sigma Art 12-24.
    I know the 14-24 has an extra f stop but I don't think I would be shooting at anything more than 5.6.
    I am interesting in thoughts others might have on the subject. I would buy the Sigma new and the Nikon used so price in fairly close.
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  2. Hi Alan - I have both, 16-35 and 14-24. As with every decision there are compromises. I've used the 16 more for landscape work than the 14. You are aware of the challenges with the 14 for filters vs. the 16. When I went on a Moab trip with the Nikon Image Dr's back in 2010, I asked their opinion for my wide option with the D700. They both suggested the 16-35. There are distortion issues but these are overcome with LR lens corrections (but you do lose some mm on wide end). I got a good deal on the 14 from Troy here on 'Cafe couple years later. Its perfect for architecture work, auto shows and nighttime skies.
  3. Yes, Nikon does make a 16-35 - see here. The 12-24 Sigma art and Nikon 14-24 have a bit better IQ and of course a bit more width. The 16-35 has VR, though I use it on a tripod. I am wondering if owners of more than 1 of the 3 find the increased width useful.
  4. Thanks John. BTW I bought a lens from Troy back then when he was doing his sell off. :)
  5. my bad Alan. I guess my old brain can't handle all of the permutations of lens ranges. I am deleting my original reply.
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    Mar 14, 2017
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    Have you considered the Tamron 15-30? By most accounts, it is on par with the Nikon 14-24.
  7. From what I read IQ is good on the Tamron but the 15 mm is really 15.5 or so which means I would not be getting something much wider.
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    I have the 14-24 and love it! I don't use a lot of filters so that's not an issue for me. The polarizer is the only filter I miss having on very rare occasions. The distortions are not bad IF you keep the lens square and level with the subject. We all know Glenn Nagel is the master of this lens! LOL! I used mine a lot when traveling in European cities....churches and street scenes especially.
  9. Karen, do you find it heavy to carry around for street scenes? And what would be perhaps the slowest shutter speed you would use?
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    Allan, the 14-24 is big in diameter but not that heavy. Attached to the D700 it's very well balanced. The lowest shutter speed I can work without tripod is 1/15s...
    For me it's no problem to carry it around a whole day.

  11. It is good to know that Klaus.

    Anyone here shoot the Sigma Art 12-24?
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    To bad Allan, that you don't live in the neighborhood.
    I would give it to you for a week to try it.

  13. Thanks. I would spend less $$ just buying the lens than visiting you. :)