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uploading html to .Mac

Discussion in 'Apple/Mac' started by Electromen, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Thanks to Doug Barber for getting the wheels in my head turning.

    Slideshows using flash, and HTML web pages can be uploaded to .Mac
    I didn't think this was possible until recently.

    This is the simple way - I can explain I more advanced technique later if anyone's interested.

    1. Upload your entire custom site's folder to the Sites folder on your iDisk.

    2. Log in to your .Mac account and click HomePage.

    3. Select the site where you want to include the new page and click the site menu tab. On the new site menu page that appears, click the + button next to where you'd like to link your custom site to appear.

    4. Publish
  2. Hi Greg:

    If you want to use your images to "Tell a Story" (as I'm sure you do).....

    Soundslides is a very powerful tool to do this. I'm sure there is hundreds of other programs that do the same. But the wonder of soundslides is the ease of use and the program interface.

    The down side to using IWeb when using a flash application like this is that IWeb will (by default) send the viewer off your IWeb site and to the flash page. This can be a bit of a pain as your viewer is (now) off your site and might or minght not come back.
    There is a good work around for this if one wants to tinker a little with the code IWeb produces and you can (force) IWeb to open your show in a new page. Leaving your site still up on the viewers computer.
    Here is a link to the instructions:


    Sorry Greg... I cannot comment on the complexities of using a .Mac account as I don't have one.

    Hope someone finds this useful....
  3. Thanks Doug,

    I downloaded SoundSlides and built a slideshow very quickly.
    I exported and see how it would load to the web.

    In 30 days my .mac account will expire, I have to decide if I'm going back to FTP or renewing .mac. I've been with .mac almost a year, FTP keeps looking better. I had FTP for a year before that. Iweb and .mac make it easy, but I feel limited.
  4. Well Greg.... good luck with your deliberations....

    I looked at a .Mac account along time ago. But their serviers are just way to slow.

    I've been using Startlogic and have been very happy with the accont and service.
  5. SoundSlides doesn't want to load into .mac

    I'm leaning more toward FTP again.
  6. Well Doug you always give very good advice and I listen.
    I signed up with Startlogic for one year, goodbye .mac

    thanks again
  7. I received an email from startlogic and should be setup in 24hrs.

    I was using Adobe GoLive to build a site before .mac
    Any advice on easy to use software?
    I may use iWeb for awhile.

  8. Darn Greg.... I did not mean for you to change your course here....:redface:

    But as I said earlier, I've been happy with Startlogic and with luck you will to.

    As for the software.... I've been using IWeb because it is easy and I've figured out enough work-arounds to get the features that I wanted.

    To start there is some really good (free) templates at this site:
    Here is a link to a template I have looked at and it looks darn good...


    Next on my hit list would be to crap the standard Iweb slideshow package for your photo pages and use one like I've got on this site. It is very easy to add into your site and I can walk you through it if you want.
    Just click on any of the photo pages on my site and then click on any photo to start the slidshow feature.


    Finally, once you get more comfortable, just begin adding more features that you might like...
    A case in point would be a (comment) feature on any of your photo pages of site pages. Apple says this cannot be done.... But if you look at my "Two Ways of Knowing Site". You will note comment features on both the book page and journal pages.


    Again, I can walk you through these types of things if you are interested.

    good luck
  9. Thanks for your help Doug, I've known for about a month that I needed to make a decision beacuse .mac expires in 29 days. That's why I was attempting new things like slideshows with it. I looked at Startlogic before and also thought about IPowerWeb.

    The main thing I don't like about using HTML with .mac is that everything has to be loaded onto iDisk. This takes too long to update and changes take just as long. Also Lightroom, Aperture and other programs can now upload slideshows and web pages directly to FTP.

    I'm looking into BluDomain for web site templates next. If I go this route their template will be all I need.

    thanks again, Greg
  10. It doesn't take long to make decsions in this house.
    My wife told me what to do. lol
    She's been pushing me to have a professional looking website.

    I'm ordering interface #20 from BluDomain today.
    Give me time to learn the setup, when I'm ready I'll ask for a critque and advice.
  11. Commodorefirst

    Commodorefirst Admin/Moderator Administrator

    May 1, 2005
    you will be happy with BluDomain,

    That is probably the route I will in the future when I get around to upgrading the site,

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