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  1. Hi All

    The Manitoba Legislature is a limestone neoclassical building - beautiful when viewed from the right angle. Some views through urban clutter are less flattering.

    To get a sense of scale - the Golden Boy (officially "Eternal Youth") atop the dome is 17' high and his torch is 250' above ground level.



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    yikesss we have made a mess of our land
  3. At last! I never knew what the Golden Boy of Manitoba was.

    Back in 1982 I moved into a house in Brighton UK and by agreement took on all the furniture and quite a lot of the belongings of the previous resident. On a high shelf in the living room were lots of ornamental plates. One of them was of the Golden Boy of Manitoba.

    Alright, I'll go quietly now :frown:
  4. Hi Brian

    I'm glad you now know. Do you still have the plate?

    Maybe of interest - Sculpted and cast in France, the statute spent the First World War in the hold of a ship, crisscrossing the Atlantic Ocean after the ship was commandeered for troop transport.

  5. Amazing story. I seem to have lost the plate in the move from Rochdale to Isle of Skye. I'm still eating off some of the others that I found though. Does that make me a bit of a cheapskate?
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    Too much going on for me but maybe that was the point.
  7. Indeed :)