US Capitol 2/21/21

Jul 6, 2019
North Springfield VA
Real Name
Bill Walderman
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Sad that I'm liking this -- but it, the liking, is due to the photographic presentation of current reality and how you've shot it rather than to the image it is representing, If that makes any sense. I like the way you shot and present the image but I don't like what it is also representing as a new and different way (and still at the moment) a current way of viewing a symbol of our nation and our nation's capitol...... Hearbreaking, this.....
Apr 27, 2018
Very defining photo and excellent in monochrome. This brings tears to my eyes. In my youth I lived just outside of DC and fondly remember just being able to walk into the capital building with friends. Couple guards standing around keeping their eyes on us teenagers. Seeing members of congress walking the halls, sitting in the chamber galleries watching the senate and house in session (with a prerequisite gallery pass), riding on the mini-subway to the senate office building. Having a tough time processing this and wondering if civility and calmer discourse will ever return to this country in my lifetime.
May 5, 2005
I'm agreeing with the others. I wasn't aware of the fence. You brought it to my attention so well. It certainly makes me sad. I've never been to Washington D.C. Hopefully it won't be like this forever. I would love to visit someday.
Nov 10, 2008
Great image. Old saying is when the rulers fear the citizens it is a democracy. When the citizens fear the rulers, it is tereny. I think the razor wire is on the wrong side of the fence.
Maybe we could lock them in until they get their job done. If you deliver mail, goal is to do the route. Work in a factory, make x # of parts. Executive in business have a written set of goals. Do them, get a raise. Fail get fired. What are their goals and they rarely get fired. Don’t know what it is, but something must change.
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