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Use the DK-17m magnifier with the wrong Eyecup!

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by andreasb, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. I got two DK-17m eye piece magnifiers two weeks ago. One for me and one for my friend Rory Hill.

    I have a DK-2 eyecup; Rory has a DK-19 (the one that one is supposed to have with the D2X.)

    I did not spend much time setting mine up and it has stayed on snugly since, Rorys fell of after 10 minutes! So we started examining this and figured out that I have:

    1. I accidentally put on the eyecup the WRONG WAY, and that is why it is sitting on so snuggly, no O-rings needed! Here is how I did it. I pushed the eye cup all the way OVER and beyond the grove where the rubber is supposed to sit so that the outer ring protects it from falling off. You know you have done it the way I did it when you can read the text on the back of the DK-17m (see picture 1)

    2. Then I managed to get the small metal counter ring to fit on top (outside) of the round rubber piece on the back of the eyecup (see picture 2). This is a bit tricky and I used my penknife to help getting the rubber under the counter ring and I used some pressure with both tumbs with the DK-17m and the eye piece laying on a flat surface upside down.

    I'm using the wrong eyecup DK-2! this does not work with the DK-19 see the last picture, you need a bunch of O-rings to get the DK-19 to fit as snuggly as the DK-2 with out any O-rings

    Picture 1

    Picture 2

    Picture 3
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  2. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
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  3. Rob


    Jul 28, 2005
    Truro, Cornwall, UK
  4. Interesting. It seems to me that so long as the retainer ring (the metal ring) is snug over the back of the eyecup, it should not fall off.

    I actually did use one o-ring, then again I have several thousand in many sizes in the mess also know as my shop.
  5. It shouldn't fall of but it does easily when you push your eye against it several times and handle it out of the bag...., poor design in my opinion

  6. Very interesting Andreas.
  7. That makes sense. Here you can see the one o-ring I am using. So far so good, though I think I might have it mounted the same way you do.

    Speaking of FF, you can also get a chuckle if you have a peek at this image's EXIF data. Yes, it is genuine. :wink:

  8. O Ring

    Can you please tell me where you got the O Ring (and what size it is)?
  9. That is a #213 o-ring, 15/16" in diameter. I would think a #317 would fit better as it is 3/16" thick vs. 1/8" for the 213.

    I have several o-ring kits containing many sizes. I obtained them from an o-ring manufacturer that is no longer is business. I use them often in fabrication projects I do from time to time, and to repair the ice cream machines in my brother's Dairy Queen. :rolleyes: 

    You could buy them from www.mcmaster.com. Just search for "oring" and use the popup to find the size you want. I would get a softer nitrile ring. You will pay something like $12 for 10 of them.

    If you want to avoid all that, PM me your address and I will be happy to send you a couple.
  10. Thanks!

    Thanks very much for your help! Appreciate all the information.

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