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Used D2X prices and availability

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by helmet155, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. I seem to never buy anything new so I was looking at used D2X prices lately and have noticed that there are a lot of D2X for sale in general on the photo forums...

    I hope they get closer to $3,000 ;) 
  2. most are still closer to 3900 at this time but they will settle some more soon with the release of the D200 in my opinion. I saw a demo for sale on this site tonight with more warranty left than my new one came with.
  3. I saw a few go for 3500, maybe wishful thinking ;) 
  4. Donzo98


    Nov 10, 2005
    Merrick, NY
    D2X prices...

    I just bought a like new D2X with 2000 actuations in like new condition for 3450 shipped. Prices are coming down for sure. I bought mine from a FM'er and the experience could not have been better. I am very particular and had him send me many pics of the camera from all angles. The camera will be here tomorrow... cant wait.:biggrin:

  5. You'll see that price before June 06.

  6. Wouldn't it be interesting if in time if the price of a D2x was lower than a D200 of similar condition. Life is funny like that. I think my perfect/new condition D1x is worth about a buck, ninty eight and I would be lucky to find a buyer at that. I guess they don't call it the cutting (bleeding) edge for nothing.
  7. Some on ebay today buy it now for $3000!
  8. It's been an interesting week. I think the pre-release forum chatter and rumor mill built up the anticipation and expectations of the D200 beyond it's ability to deliver. I think most thought that it was going to be the holy grail of photography. I know of some who even put their D2x on Ebay or sold them just based on speculation from the Nikon promotional description and adds and then on the quality of the D200 based on peoples testimony who had never even held a D200.

    Well, it seems now that the D200 is really just what it claimed to be. A very nice moderately priced camera that has more to offer than the D70/50 and is not quite up to the D2x. It has limitations and problems like any other mechanical device. The body size and CCD and electronics come at a sacrifice of battery life. It has less noise but like any other digital device with the technology of gen Y2K it still has noise, so Noise Ninja and Neat Image are not taking down thier shingles yet. Photoshop is still the great equalizer of images.

    The features of the D2x are still magnificent and the end result of the pp photograph is still as good as any in the hands of a skilled technician. So now all those who were ready to give up on the high priced D2x are now re-evaluating thier pro bodies. The D2x is still a good value with enough to offer to justify the higher price.

    I am glad that those who purchased the D200 are happy with thier new tool, but I for one am still very happy with my D2x and look forward to the progress of product development coming out of Nikon and Canon and others.

    I think it is safe to say that the downward spiraling price of the D2x now that the D200 is a known quantity, will return back to the normal used body prices, (which are still pretty embarrasing for digital technology). There will probably be fewer used D2x bodies for sale for awhile returning supply and demand balance to the price. But those who spent the $5000 can hold thier head high and be happy that they hold one of the finest cameras of our time.
  9. Hi Scott, that all may be wishful thinking...the D1X was down about the same one year after its release as well and is worth nearly nothing in comparison now...that's the way it is...try selling an F4 now!!!

    Once used prices are established (ebay) they rarely recover on electronic parts...one sold today for 2,700!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. At least this time, I feel I have a camera I can live with for a long long time. The D1/D1x which I had (both) although good cameras had some issues that were tough to live with, mainly the battery problem. Honestly if I knew then what I know now, I might have done things a bit differently. I got some wonderful images out of my D1x. I kind of bought into the more is essential argument with regards to MPs and I liked the idea of iTTL even though I have not really made full use of it as yet. This may change with the new SU800 however.

    Anyway, if the D2x does go down in price and not recover, I don't think it will be a serious problem for me. I think the technology is sort of in park at the moment. The D200 may be a sign of what is to come with CCD technology and lower high ISO noise, but unless they fix the battery to be what I have come to expect with the D2x, I don't think I need it. AS fast as cameras have gotten better, so has software to make the most of the images.

    I am sure there will be advances with each generation and the size and weight and cost with each new generation will probably get smaller which is really nice, but I am quite happy with my D2x and the pictures I get.

    For me, I am much more excited at the moment by the lens and lighting technology improvements that are coming out. I also am excited by the software that is becoming available, PS and plugins, NC, even Aperture which is still the baby of the bunch but has great potential for the near future. Apple has already come out with their first fix with version 1.01 today.

    I think there is something for everyone in this endeavor and I love it all. I am even excited for all the new D200 owners. I love reading the threads of how much they love their new cameras.
  11. What does it matter if the price of your present camera drops in price like a large brick. Can you honestly tell me that you have mastered it 100%?
    I used old SL and R series Leicas years after they were superseeded by newer models, and I knew them inside out and back to front. The images I obtained I still have on slide 30 years later and they are some of the best I have ever taken. As Scott so rightly says, other applications are comong along nicely, and these will compliment the D2X, and others, so that things will even out in the end. I love my D2H, and it is going to take a massive amount of persuasion for me to change from what is considered 'an OLD HAT Camera' for any new model that is considered to be the Holy Grail and god's gift to photographers.
    Learn to use what you have and let the others spent their money chasing the illusive dream.

    Bob F.
  12. JB


    May 27, 2005
    Washington, DC
    Make no mistake, DSLRs are consumer electronics. (Think of laptop computers, TVs, radios, other home entertainment components, video cameras, cell phones, etc.) Their value will drop rapidly over time. And, given rapid rate of change we are seeing in digital cameras, this process will likely continue for years.

    Two buying strategies make sense to me under these circumstances;
    1) Buy a product when new (within 0-4 months of introduction) and enjoy it. The benefit, you are using a product with all of it's advantages for many months. An example: The D1X is a great camera. But it has no Long Exposure Noise Reduction. Owners of the D2H/X captured beautiful long exposure night pic's that the D1X shooter would likely never attempt.
    2) Buy after the product has been on the market for about a year when the prices fall. This may even coincide with the announcement of the replacement for the model you are interested in buying. You'll give up some wizzy new features but get a bargain in return.

    Neither is wrong. Which is better really depends on your individual circumstances.

    Value comes from what you do with it. A pro makes more than enough income in a year to cover the cost of multiple new D2X's. A hobbyist can hardly justify the cost of any camera. It is paid for from a hobbyist's disposable income. Of course, a wealthy hobbyist may not care if it's justifiable, it was bought purely for the enjoyment and relaxation that comes from the using it. Many photog's are in between trying to figure it out, being part-time photogs getting a small income from photography and full time hobbyists.

    You can always look for trustworthy used units as well. Once a product has been on the market for a while the supply of used product goes up allowing the price to go down. It's that capitalist supply and demand thing. (See if you can find a used XBox 360 or D200 now and save any money. They are selling on ebay for more than list price.)

    So Brett, I hope you find your bargain soon!
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