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Used Equipment Pricing Question

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by paradiddle, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. paradiddle


    Jun 1, 2007
    When looking at used equipment. Primarily current version nikon lenses. When buying such equipment that is available new from reputable businesses with new warranties and ~ $25 for shipping. What do you feel is a reasonable % or make it worth your while $ saving to have to deal with the possibility of being ripped off, no/reduced warranty, etc....

    Example I look at a lens ~ $690 New + $20 shipping = $710 Total.

    The used lens is selling for 630 - 670 I still pay shipping, Pay Pal, etc.

    I would think! The used should sell ~ 20 - 30% less than new to be worth the extra risk.

    This is just a thought and I am trying to get a handle on the market and how I should best spend my money.

  2. looks to me like you need to find someone else to purchase from. this is more than a new lens overall exept tax.
  3. billg71


    May 4, 2007
    Atlanta, GA
    I think you also have to factor demand into the equation. More popular lenses are going to bring a higher price on the used market than you might expect. Plus, at any given time, there can be a shortage of available new stock while Nikon USA waits for a container load to be manufactured and shipped.

    Just taking a quick look at KEH pricing, EX+ condition, they're discounting the 17-35 AF-S 18% off new. The 28-70 AF-S, which is out of stock new, is running at about a 10% discount, and the 70-200 VR is only being discounted 5%, again no new versions in stock.

    The 28-70 and 70-200 are also out of stock at B&H. The 18-200 DX is out of stock right now almost everywhere. I've seen 18-200's sell for more used than a new one. But most people can't find a new one except maybe at a retail store at retail price plus sales tax.

    On the other hand, the 20-35 AF-D, which sold for almost as much new as the 17-35 is selling EX+ for about 50% off the new price.

    You get the idea... If you want the latest and greatest, or something relatively scarce and discontinued like the 28/1.4 or the Noct, expect to pay everything the market will bear and then some.

    If what you're looking for isn't on the Hot Glass Of The Month list, you'll most likely see those 25-35% discounts and sometimes more.

    So you just have to make your own decision as to whether you want to pay the used price and take the risks or wait for a new lens to be available.

    FWIW, most of my AF-S glass was purchased new. Almost all of my AF-D glass came used, and all of my AI-S MF glass. The only new MF lens I bought was a 45 P.

    Hope this helps.

  4. paradiddle


    Jun 1, 2007
    I understand if the lens is the "hot lens". I understand if it is backordered, etc. Then the laws of supply and demand should take effect and the price could be higher than a new one.

    Mainly I am looking at the used forum here. When I see something that I think would really benefit me I just check on B&H as a gauge. Except for the few hot lens most are in stock at the 10% range.

    Thanks for the help. I guess I am looking for that really good deal - They do come along but it takes time.
  5. Personally, my rule of thumb is 80% of the B&H price (before shipping). And, I usually look for that price to include shipping and paypal. Just my own preference of what feels right and what I have seen most of the gear on this site go for used. Besides some of the hottest stuff, I have noticed a trend on this site that anything more than this 80% usually doesn't sell right away and finally moves when the price is reduced. Not that I think others are using the same percentage, just that this percentage naturally starts producing more buyer interest and comfort. Any more than 80% and I feel more comfortable biting the bullet and paying the difference for something brand new with a new warranty.
  6. Commodorefirst

    Commodorefirst Admin/Moderator Administrator

    May 1, 2005
    One other factor is the known quality of the lens. If it is a well known forum member who has used the lens with great results, people may pay more of a premium.

    I price all my lenses to sell ( if it is still available, not discontinued) at 80% of BH if less than a thousand dollars and usually 15% of an expensive lens like a long telephoto. With top lenses 10-15% is easily $500 or more.

    Most of my lenses sell within one day, but I also include all paypal fees and shipping too in most cases.

    Camera bodies, I don't worry about trying to get the best price, my last D200 body I sold for 1150, shipped and fees included so basically I cleared $1000. But I got to use it for a year and a half, and I only paid $1500 new for it so I consider it a long term rental, You can never recover on digital bodies, they just keep dropping and dropping......


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