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Using D200 commander + flash bracket

Discussion in 'General flash photography, lighting, and technique' started by ciocc, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. I know, this may sounds odd and look weired. Nevertheless I still want to ask. Has anyone tried using the commander in the camera body to trigger the speedlight on the flash bracket?

    Most people don't like the built-in commander because it may add a little light even though it has been set to "--". Since you are using the bracket, the flash is going to be in front of the subject anyway, so I guess the weak flash emitted from the body shouldn't matter, should it?
  2. I tried it using my D70s in commander mode... it worked fine, except I don't like the little delay in the time it takes the picture to fire.
  3. What if you use an SC-17 cord :confused:  ?

  4. Cope


    Apr 5, 2007
    Houston, Texas
    I tried it on my Stroboframe Camera Flip and it works fine. I have the SC-17, but I don't like the long cable constantly flapping in the way. I may tie wrap the cable out of the way.
  5. madone


    Jan 9, 2006
    It works, but due to the delay/pre-flashes I would opt for the sc cords.
  6. cuttooth

    cuttooth Guest

    i second using the sc cords.
  7. I am trying to decide on whether I should get a SU-800, a SC cord or just using the commander mode. So every bit of information helps. Thanks for all the comments.
  8. madone


    Jan 9, 2006
    I should note... IF you FV lock the delay is alot more manageable. BUT that being said am SC cord really is the best way to use this setup.
  9. I wrap the cord around the Stroboframe arm, it's never in the way.
  10. Tom Young

    Tom Young

    Aug 10, 2007
    Yes, it works fine. Using a cord has some advantages too, such as the ability to run TTL/BL for outdoor fill flash but going completely without wires can be fun! I've had less success using the SU-800 with my bracket simply due to the physical size of the SU-800 sitting on the hotshoe, which requires making some adjustments to the brackets positioning that in turn change the geometry. It works, but it's a bit awkward.

    As long as you don't mind the bit of extra drain on the cameras battery or having to dig into the menu to adjust flash settings, the built-in commander's a very handy item to have available.

    It will add a bit of light, and if you're not careful, it's pre-flash can also cause a lot of "pre-blinking" with subjects. When it's configured not to contribute to the exposure ("--") it's level of illumination is so low as to only cause small reflections on shiny objects (which may or may not be a problem) except at very close macro distances where it could have some overall impact on the light levels. That, as well as those "pre-blinks" can be avoided by placing any near opaque but IR transmitting material over the internal flash, including Nikons handy SG-IR3 filter (about $12.00). This will make it behave more like a built-in miniature SU-800 controller by swapping it's visible light for IR.

    Also, while these steps can be made to eliminate it's impact on exposure, there are times when having it contribute can be a good thing. If you're using the bracket mainly for bounce light, supplementing the flash on the bracket with a little boost of direct light from the internal flash can help to eliminate problems with "racoon eye sockets" as well as adding a bit of extra sparkle to the eyes themselves.

    Finally, making use of the D200's FV lock feature via the Function button can eliminate those problems with "pre-blinks" all together while at the same time, helping to insure greater flash level consistency from one shot to the next.
  11. Good to see you over here, TY!
  12. Tom Young

    Tom Young

    Aug 10, 2007
    Hi Frank!

    Good to see you too. I enjoyed looking at your "non-strobe strobist" shots!

    It looks like you've been keeping plenty busy

    Take care,

  13. I say pick up a SC-17 for use with the bracket and save the commander mode for when doing some strobist type shooting.

    There were a couple of used one's in the "for sale" section last I checked.
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